How to Protect Your Smartphone

The Russian supplier Caviar also designs hulls in gold, titanium or carbon for the iPhone XS Max.

If you find that disburse 1,659 euros in an iPhone XS Max 512 GB, it’s small arm, why not opt for a diamond model signed Caviar, sold 8 510 euros?

The Russian equipment manufacturer has just unveiled four editions of the iPhone XS Max particularly luxurious (and expensive), gathered under the Maximum collection. The first, in response to the nickname Maximum Ultralight, trades its back in Gorilla Glass 6 for a carbon shell that lightens the phone by 8 grams. This weight loss is charged 4,471 euros.
If you live a dangerous life, even a thug life, your heart will tend to the Maximum Invincible, a phone covered with a millimeter of titanium. Caviar assures that this version of the iPhone XS Max sold 4,729 euros is capable of stopping a bullet (although it is not recommended to check this statement).

As we told you earlier, Caviar draws an iPhone XS Max barded with diamonds, 400 to be precise, which catapults the price of the device to over 8,500 euros. But the true nugget of the Russian supplier is unquestionably the Maximum Fine Gold. As the name suggests, this iPhone XS Max is adorned with a gold coat (150 g), allowing him to display a price of 13 190 euros.