The EU has Agreed to Leave the UK

Prime Minister May said a vote should take place by Christmas.

The UK Parliament will vote on the Brexit agreement with the EU before Christmas. She will fight for the consent of MPs with heart and soul, announced Prime Minister Theresa May. “I think we have a duty as a parliament … to deliver Brexit,” she said.

May emphasized that the agreement was the best and only possible one. The Prime Minister warned the critics against the idea of ​​being able to extract further improvements through a rejection of the treaty text.

Shortly before, a special EU summit adopted the 585-page resignation agreement and a declaration on the future relationship between the EU and Britain. The agreement is binding on a plethora of aspects of Britain’s compensation payments to the EU, future trade relations, the right of residence for UK citizens, and the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland and the Gibraltar issue.

It also envisages a transitional period until the end of 2020. It could be extended until the end of 2022. At this time, practically nothing should change for the economy and the citizens of both sides.