Kim’s Sister the Second Person in the Pyramid

South Korea’s  national intelligence agency said, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s top leader, had been named as the top leader of the North.

Kim Hyong-chul, chief negotiator of the nuclear talks with the United States, appeared to have dropped in the wake of the Kim and US President Donald Trump’s summit without reaching any agreement, parliamentary deputy Lee Hee-hoon said.

Kim Yu-jong, who held the second post in North Korea’s ruling Labor Party’s propaganda and excitement department, was seen next to Kim Yong-chul to watch the publicity show last week, an event to celebrate Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to the north.

The agency said Kim Yu-jong appeared to be at the same level as Choi Ryong-heh, the second person in the pyramid of the North Korean government, and Rui Su-yong, deputy chairman of the Labor Party.

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