Last Year was The Strongest Ever for Systembolaget

Last year was the strongest ever for Systembolaget. Pandemic effects and increased sales of more expensive alcohol beverages are behind the development, according to CEO Magdalena Gerger.

In the last quarter, we had a development in the same line in terms of revenue and volume as earlier in the year and we made the strongest year ever financially, says Magdalena Gerger, CEO of Systembolaget.

Systembolaget’s profit before tax for the full year 2020 almost doubled, to SEK 597 million from SEK 304 million a year earlier.

Net sales rose to SEK 36.7 billion, up from SEK 32.2 billion. Sales volume increased to 569.1 million liters, up from 511.9 million liters. The increase is mainly due to other purchasing channels being severely restricted with covid-19, according to Systembolaget.

It is about pandemic effects, that travel imports are virtually zero, restaurants and pub visits have decreased, but also about a continued focus from customers to buy slightly more expensive goods of better quality, says Magdalena Gerger.

Increased online shopping
Changed customer behaviors have also led to increased online sales. Systembolaget’s online shopping grew by 42 percent in 2020.

It has increased for us much like for the grocery trade. There we can see that it remains at about the level in January, that the rate of increase has slowed. This is probably where we have the new level of new behaviors, says Magdalena Gerger.

She does not see in front of her at the moment that there is reason to reduce the number of physical stores due to more people placing orders online.

It is still less than three percent who are online and the vast majority, about 70 percent, are picked up in stores. There is no indication that we will reduce the number of stores. But as part of the restrictive idea with Systembolaget, we do not have more stores than necessary, says Magdalena Gerger.

According to Systembolaget’s recurring measurements, alcohol consumption remains at a stable level and Magdalena Gerger points out that we do not yet have the full picture of the pandemic’s effects, for example in groups with risky behaviors.

In asurveys that as many as 70 percent state that they have the same consumption as before the pandemic, 20 percent drink less and then we have ten percent who drink more Sweden has this scheme because alcohol is a risk.

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