ZenBook Pro 15 UX580 Creations

 ASUS launched its new notebook range during the latest Computex in Taiwan. Products that show in all their elegance how technology can become the best ally of creatives all over the world. Among these, stands out the new ZenBook Pro 15 (UX580): designed to provide excellent performance and ensure the best possible interaction.

A notebook whose power is able to meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, but not only: everyone can free their creativity thanks to the new ZenBook Pro 15. A philosophy behind the mission of ASUS which is also the heart of the video launch of the device: a futuristic video – shot by the Australian director Ben Briand and starring Gal Gadot, Israeli actress and new ambassador of the brand ASUS – which shows how technology can be the tool to “take the leap” and create incredible creations.

Designers, illustrators, graphic designers, sound engineers, stylists, photographers, directors: all the creatives, today, need technological tools designed specifically to offer maximum performance to their work; Whether it’s sound quality (the ZenBook Pro 15 is Harman Kardon‘s sound), screen resolution (4K UHD LCD), color quality (with 100% Adobe RGB coverage) or the power of the graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti).

And to make their work even easier, ASUS introduced a revolutionary feature on the new ZenBook Pro 15, which up to now has never been seen on any laptop: the ScreenPad. What used to be the normal touchpad, with ASUS becomes a truly feature-rich 5.5-inch interactive LCD display. The ScreenPad , in fact, recognizes the applications we are using on the computer and automatically offers the possibility to control them through a menu, to play YouTube videos or music, to take advantage of the calendar separately and much more. All this offers control and flexibility in using superior quality; exactly what they need all those who use technology to give vent to creativity.

But all this would not be possible without the power guaranteed by the eighth-generation Intel® Core i9 processor, which makes the performance of the ZenBook Pro 15 – whose battery lasts up to 10 hours – to meet any need. The ZenBook Pro 15 is the demonstration of where creativity in technology can go. And how much technology can free our creativity.

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Hülya Karahan: The Founder


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