Make Your Own Chocolate

The first thing to keep in mind when making your own chocolate is to make sure you have all the right ingredients at home, so you do not have to interrupt your chocolate production in order to lack ingredients. The ingredients that are essential for making their own chocolate are:

– Coconut oil

– Cocoa

– Any form of sweetening like honey, sugar or anything else sweet.

– Something that you want to flavor your chocolate with like berries or nuts, you can even skip to taste the chocolate.

When you then make your chocolate it is about starting with the coconut oil and melting it in a hot water bath, if you do it directly in a saucepan on the stove, the risk is that you burn it in the bottom of the pan.

When the coconut oil melts, it moves down the cocoa and it also tastes the whole thing with the sweetness. Taste and add more sweetness if necessary.

After that one should put their filling in the chocolate and you should also make sure that you have the size of the filling that you want it, if you want the nuts or berries to be whole then you let them be whole or you can cut or chop it into smaller pieces.

Then it is poured into a suitable shape or onto a baking sheet paper and set it in the freezer. Leave the chocolate in the freezer for a couple of hours so it has solidified properly. Then you can break it in just big pieces and serve. What you should not use lets you lie in the freezer because coconut oil melts at room temperature.

If you want to make chocolate that does not melt at room temperature then you should replace the coconut oil with instead of using cocoa butter.

You can also make great chocolate chocolates by using plastic molds that you usually make ice cubes with and there are ice cubes that have many different designs that you can make your own chocolate pralines in.

If you make your own chocolate you will notice that it is actually the best chocolate and you will only want to make even more chocolate. If you are a chocolate nut then it is also the best way to obtain chocolate and you can vary with several different ingredients and you can also create a lot of different kinds of chocolate such as chocolate sauce or the like.

Choices and flavors on chocolate that you make at home can vary a great deal and it is only the imagination that puts an end to what you can do.

Another good advantage when making your own chocolate is that you do not get all the additives that are added to the chocolate that you can buy in the store, such as soy protein and other aromas that it can contain.

The chocolate came to Europe from South America in the early 16th century and since then we have enjoyed it in cakes, desserts and as candy. When it’s time for an excursion in the forest, many of us want to pack the rucksack with a thermos with hot chocolate.

Cocoa powder is made from the roasted cocoa beans. Just like coffee beans, cocoa is roasted in hot rotating drums until they have a smooth and fine color. After roasting, they are ground in large mills, the ground mass has a high fat content. Of the cocoa mass, one makes both cocoa powder and chocolate. The cocoa powder should preferably not contain more than 20-25 percent cocoa fat. Therefore, a portion of the fat is pressed out, leaving a thick cake that is crushed and ground into a fine cocoa powder. The cocoa butter that is left over during the pressing is purified and mixed with cocoa paste, which mixture is the raw material when one then produces chocolate. Cocoa butter has a melting point of about 35˚C. The low melting temperature makes the chocolate melt in a pleasant way in the mouth.

White chocolate
White chocolate consists mostly of cocoa butter flavored with sugar and vanilla. When the roasted cocoa beans are ground, some of the fat is pressed away. The light fat is the raw material for the white chocolate.

Melted chocolate
Cocoa fat melts at a temperature of around 35 degrees. It is thanks to the relatively low melting temperature that a high quality chocolate cake melts so pleasantly in the mouth. For many cakes and desserts you need to melt the chocolate first. The easiest way is to break it into smaller pieces and put in a bowl and melt at low power in microns. Sometimes open the door and stir slightly so that the heat is distributed more evenly.

You can also melt the chocolate in a bowl that you put down in a saucepan of simmering water, stirring occasionally while the chocolate melts.

Chocolate in the food
In the home continent of cocoa fruit, South America, you not only taste drinks and sweets with chocolate, but also different dishes. It will be rich and tasty on a meat stew or sauce that is seasoned with a few pieces of dark chocolate.

Chocolate in the chocolate cake
Dark chocolate contains cocoa beans and sugar. Usually also vanilla and lecithin from soybeans. Lecithin is a substance needed for water and fat to mix. Dark chocolate should contain at least 35 percent cocoa mass, including at least 18 percent cocoa butter and at least 14 percent fat-free cocoa powder to be called chocolate according to EU common rules.

Chocolate and health
Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine. It is similar to caffeine and has a revitalizing effect. Theobromine is not as addictive as caffeine. Dark chocolate contains antioxidants and is also a source of the mineral magnesium.