Makeup is Suitable for the Professional Women

Professional makeup is suitable for the job characteristics of professional women or the social environment related to the job. The transformation from a playful and cute student girl to a capable and hearty pioneer in the workplace is like going from a sunny summer to a hearty autumn. When making all the preparations for the new journey of life, the right makeup will not only win you the favor of others, but also help you get “professional” and “competent” recognition. New careers need to be dignified, friendly and capable.

Three points of makeup for professional newcomers

The transformation from a playful and cute student girl to a capable and hearty pioneer in the workplace is like going from a sunny summer to a hearty autumn. When making all the preparations for the new journey of life, have you figured out how to face your customers, bosses and colleagues? The right makeup can not only win you the favor of others, but can even help you It is recognized as “professional” and “competent”. Throw away those colorful eye shadows and exaggerated lip glosses, professional newcomers need to be solemn, friendly and capable.

No trace of background
Office makeup is restricted by the office environment, and it must give people a sense of responsibility and knowledge. Might as well keep your true colors and light makeup.

Foundation: Long-term expectation. In an air-conditioned room, the lighting is also a cool light source. Therefore, you should choose a foundation with a moisturizing effect for your makeup. Try to choose a natural color close to your skin tone. Even if the skin tone is dark, don’t choose a foundation with a color lower than No. 2, so as not to appear unnatural. If the skin tone is white or yellow, put some pink, pink and purple powder on top of the foundation to create a white and red brilliance.

Rouge: The color of office makeup should be mainly warm, in order to make the skin tone brighter, you should choose pink or orange red. Blush should not be stronger than lip gloss. The method of blooming is generally under the cheekbones, and the outer contour is modified with a contouring cake.

Lip gloss: Apply lightly and thinly on the lips. Remember that the lip line should not be too obvious, otherwise it will appear to be of poor taste. At the same time, when choosing the color of lipstick, be sure to master the scale, so as not to be eye-catching.

Refreshing face
Eyeshadow: There is also a lot of knowledge to choose the color of eye shadow. Through clothing and age, the choice of eye shadow color can be matched according to different clothing styles and colors. The more natural the better, the earth color and gray will appear more natural and more suitable for professional makeup.

Eyeliner: Strong and powerful eyeliner can improve the look of the eyes. Focus on the pearly silver eyeshadow, which is the easiest way to show the brilliance.

Eyelashes: Mascara can make eyelashes thick and shiny, and is the secret weapon for shaping “bright eyes and good gaze”. Emphasizing the eyelashes in the center of the eye with mascara will make people feel smart, clever and knowledgeable; emphasizing the eyelashes at the tail of the eye can create a deep and textured look.

Eyebrows: In the office, the best choice is a slightly thicker and sharper eyebrow shape, which looks capable and smart.

Lips: Lips have a lot of movement on the face and are the easiest part to take off makeup. It is best to wear a waterproof and long-lasting lip gloss or lipstick in the bag at all times, so as to avoid taking off makeup when talking to colleagues awkward.

In addition to clean and elegant makeup, professional women should also pay attention to politeness and etiquette related to makeup.

Ladies should never make up or touch up makeup in front of the opposite sex in a general relationship. (Makeup can be touched up in the company bathroom)

You should refrain from discussing makeup issues with others.

Fashion decompression professional women can easily feel the devastation of work pressure, and the pressure will be even greater for a newcomer in the workplace. We teach you something called “Ancient Indian Fragrance Therapy Care” that can eliminate the damage to your face and spirit caused by stress —

Between the eyes, at the center of the forehead, there is a drop of aromatherapy essential oil dripping from Teana. The warm essential oil flows down the hair slowly. The skilled hands of the beautician rub the essential oil, sometimes soft and sometimes hard Massage the head and hair, followed by the neck and shoulders. Gradually, you can feel that your whole body and mind are in an ethereal state. The originally anxious heart relaxes and your stiff shoulders relax, until every inch of skin and even every cell of your body relaxes.

Natural and generous professional makeup
The boss most likes the subordinates who are practical, capable, and pleasing to the eye. Therefore, as a professional woman, you must master the principles of natural and atmospheric makeup. You may wish to try the following methods:

Capable hair style
You can bring your hair to the back of your head meticulously, tie it in a neat ponytail, or take a bob. Don’t look messy with your hair, as this will give your boss and colleagues a bad impression.

Make the face more clear
The short hair with full ears covers both ears, which usually gives people a dull feeling, and exposing both ears can make the whole person look refreshed, even if only half of the ears are exposed, the effect is good.

Draw natural eyebrows
The brow color should not exceed the color of the brow peak. The brow peak is the heaviest color in the entire eyebrow. The end of the brow can be slightly heavier than the brow color. When combing the eyebrows, do not brush off the brow powder too hard. Draw, girls with round faces can draw raised eyebrows or slightly shorter thick arched eyebrows.

Eyeshadow should not be strong
Eyeshadows with too strong colors are not suitable for use in an office atmosphere. Meat powder, bean green, orange, and light blue eye shadows can make the eyes feel refreshing and bright, and will not be offensive.

Keep lips fresh
The refreshing drawing method of lipstick is to place the dots on the center of the upper and lower lips, and then gently squeeze it. The color is preferably meat, powder, and orange.

Beautiful clerks are a beautiful landscape in the office. Their neat appearance, standard dress, gentle smile and capable demeanor make the office full of vitality and harmony. The highlight of office makeup this season is the use of simple methods, refreshing colors to create beauty, professional women will taste the beauty of confidence.

The model itself has uneven skin tone. The skin color should be modified during the makeup process. The three-dimensional sense of the model’s facial features is a big advantage. The pearlescent eye shadow can be used to combine the structure more perfectly during the makeup process.

Base makeup

Long-term expectation In an air-conditioned room, lighting is also a cold-tuned light source. Therefore, you should choose a foundation with a moisturizing effect for the base makeup, and choose a warm color suitable for cold light. Healthy skin color and wheat color are the foundation colors that better reflect the vitality. White ivory and noble white are best used as brightening colors. . Remember that your makeup is a professional attitude and not a fashion effect.

Eye makeup

Strong and powerful eyeliner can enhance the look of the eyes, and can also emphasize the professional sense of makeup. Use a black eyeliner to draw a clear eyeliner that stretches slightly at the end of the eye from the bottom of the eye. Focus on the pearly silver eyeshadow, which is the easiest to show excellent lustre, use a medium-sized eyeshadow brush to brush on the upper and lower eyelids to frame the entire eye. The refreshing color uses the clear eyeliner to highlight the oriental atmosphere and the refreshing and professional sense .


Apply black mascara on the eyelashes one by one, brush it up and down. The delicate raised eyelashes are the key to enlarge the eyes, bright and energetic.

Cheek makeup

Clerical professional makeup blush should not be stronger than lip gloss, the point is to use soft colors to make the whole makeup more beautiful and ease the tension in the office.

Lip makeup

With transparent lip gloss, you can choose a color close to or slightly darker than your own lip color without drawing the lip line, and apply it lightly and thinly on the lips.

[The best solution for perfect makeup for professional women]

The overall shape of professional women should be generous, elegant and simple. A well-fitting suit with good texture is a must; hair style should be refreshing and neat; makeup style is elegant and capable, the following is the specific plan to create perfect makeup for professional women:

Choose a foundation color close to the skin tone――

Those models in magazines with transparent and flawless skin are enviable. Most of them are the effects of high-quality foundation. You should choose a foundation color close to your skin tone. If the foundation color is too white, it will feel “floating”. The foundation should not be applied too thickly, but a thin layer can be applied by tapping. Pay attention to the natural transition between the hairline and the neck to avoid a “mask”-like feeling. In addition, powder should be applied after the nutrient cream is completely absorbed to ensure a uniform effect.

A slightly thicker and sharper brow shape, looks capable and shrewd–

The tall, thin eyebrows are very feminine, but in the office, the best choice is a slightly thicker and sharper eyebrow shape, which looks capable and smart. If the eyebrows are messy or the tip of the eyebrows is down, use eyebrow pliers to remove the unused hairs, and then use small scissors to trim out a clearer eyebrow shape, which will instantly refresh the face.

Lipstick makes up for the haggard complexion――

Many professional women have the experience of staying up late, and the pale and haggard complexion the next day makes people lose confidence. In fact, they only need to put on a layer of lipstick to make a difference and look much more energetic. Pink and orange lipsticks are very popular in the office, and various matte red, purple and bright lipsticks are not suitable for the working atmosphere of the office. Natural lip makeup without lip liner can be carefully drawn with a lip pencil to create a round and clear lip shape. .

The color combination focuses on coordination-

The color of office makeup should not be too dazzling and exaggerated, and should give people a harmonious and pleasing beauty. Mainly warm colors, such as pink and orange, can make the complexion look healthy and bright, which is very suitable for office use. The color of makeup should be of the same color, for example, the color of eye shadow and lipstick should be coordinated. Eyeliner is not necessary in the office, especially dark lower eyeliner should be avoided, because that will make the makeup look artificial and rigid.

The mascara makes your eyes radiant and bright-

A kind of mascara that does not need to curl the eyelashes in advance, and is very suitable for professional women with limited makeup time.

Beautiful expression, the last step of perfect makeup——

Even in serious work situations, don’t fix your expressions. Exquisite and appropriate makeup with a monotonous and unchanging expression always makes people feel a bit regretful. Office OL’s expressions should be relaxed, alert and vivid. Of course, exaggerated expressions should be avoided. Excessive eye movements will appear a little nervous, lack stability and endurance. That kind of smile from the heart is the best cosmetic without spending money, because a smile is a pleasing and comfortable expression, it can break the deadlock generated in the work and eliminate the guard mentality of both parties. It’s just that under the strong work pressure, there are never enough women around us who can still smile often.

For your makeup, different occasions should still be positioned. In some entertainment places, heavy color makeup may work well, but in the office, heavy makeup is not appropriate. This is easy to understand.

.Office professional makeup

· Positioning: Make-up for professional women’s indoor work.

·Characteristics: It should be strong tolerant, able to blend in with the clothing and office atmosphere, and the color should not be too strong or bright.

·Key points: Makeup should be exquisite and delicate, not only suitable for close contact and communication with inside and outside people, but also to be able to express your taste. Rough makeup will affect your quality and workplace image, and will also create a sense of distance from others due to improper makeup.

·Color: Light and elegant color is the basic requirement of office makeup. You must make it clear that the purpose of professional makeup is to benefit your work, not to make yourself stand out and dazzling as a star.

· Technique: clean, natural, vivid, finely routed, and elegant in color. Offices usually have two types of light sources: cool and warm. It is necessary to consider the differences in makeup effects under different light sources, and try to adjust the makeup effects that are most suitable for your skin tone and under specific light sources.

Outdoor makeup

Positioning: Used for work and leisure makeup outdoors under natural light.

Features: To maximize the strengths and avoid weaknesses is the basic point of this makeup. Outdoor makeup is used in natural light, especially under the sun, which easily exposes the good and bad of the skin. For people with good skin quality, the makeup can be more natural and more emphasis on “natural beauty”; for people with poor skin quality, the makeup should be relatively heavy to better cover skin problems, such as using a foundation with a stronger covering ability. .

·Key points: Fresh and natural. Professional makeup for outdoor use should be kept fresh and natural. For outdoor social makeup and life makeup, the concentration can be adjusted accordingly according to the occasion.

·Color: The color of make-up can be brighter, adapt to the active atmosphere and the dynamic sense of action outdoors, and more express professional ability and vitality.

·Sun protection: outdoor cosmetics are best to use composite products with sun protection functions, and cosmetics should also have sun protection functions.

·Foundation color: Because the outdoor light is sufficient, the foundation used should be as close to the skin color as possible. It is not advisable to use products that are too white or too dark to avoid conflict between makeup and skin color, resulting in poor technique and unacceptable feeling.

· Make-up replenishment in time: outdoor makeup is not easy to maintain, and a little carelessness will cause sweating, which will cause makeup to fall off. You have to carefully set your makeup and carry the necessary cosmetics with you to make up in time.

Social makeup

·Positioning: Makeup for social occasions, representative makeup is evening makeup, or dinner makeup.

·Features: Emphasize the sense of contour. Evening makeup is the makeup under the light without natural astigmatism at all, it is easier to express the sense of contour. For a good evening makeup, you have to learn the makeup techniques, that is, learn to use the makeup methods of shading, repair techniques and lines to enrich the sense of contour.

·Key points: Select a topic. Dinner makeup is usually used in a typical warm color light and a dense atmosphere. It is a makeup style that requires high makeup skills. It usually has four themes of noble, elegant, sexy, and glamorous. Which theme to shape, not only needs to adapt to the corresponding occasion, but also to match your clothing, temperament, and demeanor. Some people can adapt to four themes, and some people can only adapt to one or two themes.

·Key point: Emphasize the sense of hierarchy. The brightness of evening makeup is eyes, lipstick and blush. In addition to choosing the right color, it is very important to make the three-dimensional layers of these parts well. For example, lipsticks, you can have 3 layers. The outer color of the lips is biased, and the contours are better and fine. The main lip is the main lip. Color, light color or white in the middle, or lip gloss or lip oil with rich gloss can be chosen to create a vivid, rich and charming three-dimensional effect.

·Color: For evening makeup, purple, rose red, silver gray, blue, etc. are used to highlight the theme of the color, and more use of fluorescent eye shadow or highlight color for protruding parts, and shiny clothing in the evening light Complement each other and enhance the expressive power of evening makeup. Color is an important means to increase brightness. Usually, evening makeup is colored more heavily than usual. Of course, you should not go to extremes. Women who are too strong are easy to be regarded as vulgar and most unpopular women.

Wear mirror makeup

In the hot summer, glasses are not just a problem of eyesight. As a practical fashion accessory, glasses, styles, colors and materials are becoming more and more exciting. You must know that a clever and decent makeup, coupled with a pair of unique glasses, will not only make your beautiful eyes more attractive, but also create A rare beauty.

The eyeliner of the color-changing glasses should be drawn higher, so that the eyes appear big and energetic; the eyelashes can be modified slightly, and it is not suitable to apply mascara, otherwise it will give people a dull feeling. If you have already applied eyeliner, it is not advisable to use black mascara, as it will make the eyes look too heavy. It is more suitable to use brown mascara, it will give a gentle and gentle impression. At this time, the eye shadow color should be a light warm color or a bright pearl color. Because the shade of the lens will affect the color of the eye, for example, the blue eye shadow will become earthy gray under the red-brown lens, and the light red eye shadow will become brown under the lens.

Myopia glasses. Myopia lenses will shrink people’s eyes, so it is necessary to give emphasis when makeup. Eyeliner is the most useful at this time. Eyeliner should be thick and heavy, and light-colored eyeshadow should be used on the lower part of the eyebrows and on the side of the eyelashes. If it is a pair of light eyebrows, use eyebrow pencil to deepen it. Don’t use very light colors, which will be very inconsistent. Monochrome eyeshadow colors are better, rich eyeshadow colors will weaken the eyes. You can use dark coffee eyeshadow on the edge of the upper eyelid when applying makeup, and then slowly transition to under the eyebrows. It is best to use the same shade of eyeshadow, such as from dark brown to brown. When putting on eye makeup, the cosmetics are easy to penetrate or fall into the eyes, so you should choose powdered cosmetics with sticking properties. When drawing eyeliner, prevent the liquid eyeliner from contaminating the lens. Apply mascara before wearing glasses and wait for it to dry. Use false eyelashes as much as possible. The foundation is best to be moisturizing and not greasy, so as not to spread and adhere to the lens, causing blurred vision. Since the impression of the frame is strong enough, the lips can be modified slightly. It is a foggy lipstick that can provide this effect, not an accent lip gloss.

Professional makeup
Professional makeup
Flat glasses choose a wide range of flat glasses more like decorations. The thin metal frame looks gentle and graceful, and the makeup focuses on meticulousness, simplicity and simplicity. The amber color frame frames are both classic and lively, feminine and sexy, and the makeup is more “beautiful”. The retro round thin frame frames have a bachelor’s style, showing wisdom and confidence. Makeup should avoid bright colored eyeshadows with silver powder and other exaggerated shades of eyeshadows and mascaras, preferably light gray or light brown red series.

Popular articles
The long-awaited sporting event is over, and the whole world is jubilant for it. There are many occupations that have attracted people’s attention. There are three kinds of professional people who need a beautiful and friendly image, namely: service industry personnel, media workers and Olympic volunteers. Because of these three occupations, they are extremely busy, and they meet with guests from all over the world from time to time, and they will often be photographed. Their image is not just a personal image. Therefore, special makeup tips for these three “image professions” beauties to make them more beautiful, so that the world can see our beauty. flight attendant

Career service personnel Fit the public color system to get closer

The image of service industry personnel has always been very important and demanding. For example, airline flight attendants and service personnel of some major hotels have certain rules for makeup, color, and hair color. If the makeup is not up to standard, the passenger or customer has the right to complain. Such high standards and strict requirements must be popularized

To every service industry. In other words, as long as the beauties are engaged in the service industry, they must try their best to use themselves as flight attendants. It’s neither thick nor light, the golden rule of scratching your head

Professional makeup
Professional makeup
The requirement of makeup is neither too thick nor too light. That is to say, when the distance is a little far away, others can’t see that you have put on makeup. You can only feel it face to face, and the makeup is professional and not abrupt. It is said that this is the basic requirement for the makeup of Olympic flight attendants. “Not too thick or too light” made many Olympic flight attendants a little confused during the first makeup class. In fact, this can basically be explained as “seven-point nude makeup + eye and lip modification”.

It’s a foul if you don’t leave hair in front of your forehead if you issue more than 4 cards.

Many service industry personnel (including flight attendants) have a hair style requirement: all hair must be tied up, not loosened, and no strands of hair should block the forehead. If someone has broken bangs in front of their forehead and cannot be combed to the back, they must be completely fixed with hairspray. From the front, there should be no messy hairpins on the head, and there should be no more than 4 hairpins on the side of the hair.

The color used is personal, the color system is partial to the general public

China Eastern Airlines has designed three makeup color cards for flight attendants: blue-purple, purple, and golden brown. The makeup artist designs them according to the appearance of each flight attendant, while Air China has two sets of purple-blue and pink. It can be seen that in the service industry, everyone needs to choose the most suitable color for them, but most of the recommended colors are those that are highly accepted by the public, which look unobtrusive and have a warmer and elegant makeup.


Dark pink, orange, distance is not a problem

If you don’t know what color can increase the affinity, then the darker pink and orange colors are the most suitable for the service staff. Abandon the too light and bright colors, and the area of ​​the eye shadow should not be too large to avoid too much