The Sex Life of Professional Women: Prone to Frigidity

In a survey on the harmony of the sexual life of men and women, we found that more than half of women do not know what it feels like to have an orgasm, and nearly 60% of professional women have a sense of rejection of sex, and they all appear more or less. Tendency to be frigid. so, what happened?

Expert surveys have found that professional women either have excessive fatigue and refuse to have sex, or have cold treatment of sex, or have emotional hypersensitivity and feel that their husbands and family members are not caring enough for themselves and lack nature, or have a lack of sex. All kinds of situations are reminding people that the sex life of professional women may have to arouse people’s attention.

Why are professional women prone to frigidity?

Why do professional women tend to be indifferent? Experts said that the main reason is that due to the accelerated pace of social life and fierce competition, professional women feel extremely pressured in their work and life. Therefore, busyness and tension make them ignore the important sex life. Over time, “sexual frigidity” is formed. In addition, other factors due to pressure can also increase sexual frigidity.

1. Occupational disease: The overall decline in the physical fitness of professional women is also another major factor leading to “sexual indifference”. Gastrointestinal diseases caused by irregular diet, occupational diseases caused by backaches and backaches, and eye diseases caused by long-term work in front of the computer… These diseases have more or less become the inducement of professional women’s frigidity.

2. Drug dependence: After various diseases and pains appear, professional women begin to rely on various drugs, and these various drugs are also the nemesis of the normal sex life between couples and the normal sexual needs of professional women. Drugs such as chlorpheniramine, antibiotics, antibiotics, etc., affect and destroy the physiological structure of middle-aged women to some extent. In other words, gastrointestinal medicines, eye drops, diazepam, fenbid and other medicines that professional women often bring with them , All may lead to “sexual indifference“.

3. Psychological problems: In fact, most professional women with varying degrees of “sexual frigidity” admit that it is psychological factors that are at fault. “Most professional women believe that her life is very stable at the moment, and her children have grown up gradually. In terms of sex life is no longer important, but it is also true for husbands. So they subconsciously put their sex life after firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea, and over time, “sex indifference” quietly approached these women.