What to do at Work while Menstruating

Every time when menstruation comes, you will always be in a hurry. It will also cause poor work efficiency and concentration due to menstrual pain. In this case, you should prepare in advance so that you will not be flustered, irritable, and not easy to go to work during your menstrual period. Stomach pain, as long as you do the following methods, you will be able to face it at work without breaking down.

1 Eat plenty of spinach and kale vegetables
During menstruation, the body suffers from a large amount of iron deficiency, so eat as much iron-containing vegetables and fruits as possible. Spinach and kale contain very high iron and can quickly replenish energy. It is not advisable to eat too much greasy food at this time, which is easy to nausea. More uncomfortable.

2 Put spare panties in the office drawer
Menstrual periods always come very suddenly. Even if you report on time, there may be unexpected times. To avoid panic caused by menstruation, it is recommended that you put a pair of spare underwear in your office drawer or in your bag. , You won’t be in a hurry when menstruation comes.

3 Drink less coffee
You who are used to drinking coffee to refresh yourself at work, please quit it briefly during your menstrual period! Microcaffeine can relieve discomfort. Too much caffeine can cause your body to swell, increase abdominal discomfort, and cause breast tenderness. This is undoubtedly worse for people who are prone to menstrual cramps, and can even cause anxiety and irritability.

4 Regular jogging or walking
Go for a jog in the playground every day after get off work! It’s okay if you don’t usually have exercise habits, but if you want to relieve menstrual pain, jogging and walking are both good methods. During exercise, the body releases endorphins. This hormone can relieve stress, increase pleasure, and even offset bad hormones. Menstrual cramps.

5 Put a heating pad in the office
Menstrual pain can’t concentrate, and office efficiency is greatly reduced. Hot compresses on the stomach can stimulate blood flow, reduce cramps and relieve pain. Work efficiency will naturally increase. Put a heating pad in the office and take it out if you want to use it.

6 DIY sanitary napkins
What should I do if I don’t bring a sanitary napkin? Although it is very convenient to buy at a convenience store, but when there is not enough time or colleagues, I have to find something to pad. It is easy to leak if you use toilet paper directly. It is recommended that you check if the company has gauze. Put a sanitary napkin pad on it to enhance absorption. force.

7 Boil hot ginger tea
Hot ginger tea can reduce nausea and relieve pain. In addition, you can also put some nuts and dark chocolate in the drawer. These snacks can help you relieve pain. Nuts are rich in healthy oils, which can relax you and stabilize. Emotions of restlessness and anxiety.

8 go to work without jeans
Your lower abdomen is already very uncomfortable. Don’t torture yourself by wearing jeans that can squeeze your belly. You can wear loose sweatpants or skirts to work to relax yourself.


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