Millennium Food-Tech – The first R&D Partnership on the Stock Exchange Opened Trading this Morning

In 16.8.20)opened trading on the Millennium Food-Tech Exchange, the first R&D partnership registered on the exchange.

The TASE and the Securities Authority paved the way for the first time to list R&D partnerships on the TASE, as part of the TASE’s efforts to expand the range of investment options on the TASE and allow the public to enjoy the success of companies representing Israeli innovation through the TASE.

The partnership joins eight new companies that have been listed on the stock market since the beginning of the year.

The participation units are expected to enter the indices: TA-Growth, Global Bluetooth and TA-Technology at the end of the trading day of October 7, 2020.

Hanan Schneider, CEO of Millennium Food-Tech: “The food-tech field is expected to change the way we live, eat and consume. I believe that this is a significant area for the capital market as well, and of course that the millennium will be a significant part of it. Following a change in regulations, we lifted the glove and set up the first R&D partnership to invest in food-tech companies. The excess demand in the IPO shows that the public shares the vision and path.

Guy Rosen, Chairman of the Board of Millennium Food-Tech: “The food-tech revolution is just beginning. We believe that this unique investment body that we have established will grow significantly and that there is still a long and glorious road ahead of it. ”

Meir Yehuda, Director of Partnerships at the IPOs Unit – “We are happy and excited today to open trading with the first R&D partnership on the stock exchange, after the Securities Authority and the TASE paved the way for R&D partnerships to register for trading on the stock exchange. We are hopeful that Millennium Partnership Food-Tech is just the first swallow and we will see more R&D partnerships joining stock market trading.