Must go to Must go to Jordan, The Millennium City, Wadi Rum Star Desert

Jordan, the full name of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, has undergone thousands of years of historical torrent change, not only for the ancient civilizations of Assyria, Babylon, Persia and Macedonia, but also conquered by the Arab Empire until the seventh century. It was listed in the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century and has a profound and diverse cultural heritage. The historic city of Jordan, full of the mysterious atmosphere of religion and ancient civilization, is not only the background of many Bible stories, but also a popular shooting place for many Hollywood movies.

This section will focus on the travel tips and key tourist attractions that go to Jordan. This year, you will experience a Jordanian tour like the one thousand and one night story scene!

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Amman Old City Amman

Amman is the capital of Jordan and one of the oldest cities in the world. The ancient Amman people believe in the ancient Egyptian sun god “Amon”. Amman means to be blessed by the god Amon, hence the name. Amman’s new and old, combined with a unique urban scene, the most famous here is “Castle Hill” and “Roman Theater”.

The history of Castle Hill can be traced back to 1650 BC. It consists of several castles, which have gone through different nationalities and are finally occupied by Islamists. The most representative of these is the Temple of Hercules, which was built in the second century AD. What remains to this day is only the pillars and bases full of traces of history.

Omaya Palace Umayyad Palace

The most complete preservation of this is the Umayyad Palace, which was established in the 7th and 8th centuries.

Roman Theatre Roman Theatre

Built in the Roman Empire during the Roman Empire in the second century, it is very large and can accommodate as many as 6,000 people! It takes about 1 JD (about NT$45) to visit here, and you can visit it for free with [JORDAN PASS].

Ancient city of Petra Petra

The city of Petra, built of rock, is also known as the Rose City because it has a dry rose-like color under the sunlight. The mysterious and ancient atmosphere, let Hollywood director Steven Spielberg as the director or producer of two film masterpieces – “Indiana Jones – Jihad” and “Transformers: The Battle of Vengeance” are loved by this scene.

Petra has a vast territory and it is recommended to arrange a visit for at least two days. In addition to walking, it is recommended to spend money on horse-drawn carriages or camels. The weather in Petra is dry and hot. It is recommended to prepare enough water and food to eat on the road. Sunscreen should also be enough to avoid sunburn or heat stroke.

Petra City – Snake Road Entrance The Siq

The entrance to the city of Petra in ancient times was the serpentine path, and the towering rocks on both sides formed a slender passage. The appearance of the serpents would vary with the movement of sunlight at each time. It is said that the most beautiful time is the morning of October every year, the distribution of light and shadow, so that The Siq can present the most beautiful look!

Petra City – Kazni Temple Al Khazna

After walking the serpent, you will see the first shrine, the “Kazni Temple”. It is legendary that the temple was carved by a whole piece of sandstone by the Nabataeans. It has been two thousand years old. The local Bedouin legend has a treasure on its top, so the temple is also known as a treasure house. “Indiana Jones – Jihad” has become more familiar after it has been framing this scene!

All the buildings in the ancient city of Petra are excavated and carved from the mountain wall. They have a Greek temple style. After more than two thousand years, many carving details have been eroded, but it can still be seen that these sculptures were Mythical figures in the people’s faith.


Petra City – Mountain Monastery Ad Deir

A mountain monastery in the depths of the ancient city of Pella, where few tourists will walk. This monastery is one of the most legendary buildings in the old city. The exterior of the building is very similar to the Kazini Temple, but the scale is more spectacular.

Petra ancient city visit information]

Tickets: One-day coupon 50 JD (about NT$2,250) / two-day coupon 55 JD (about NT$2,475) / three-day coupon 60 JD (about NT$2,700); free access to [JORDAN PASS]

Recommended travel time: 6:00~18:00 in summer/6:00~16:00 in winter

*If you want to experience in-depth travel, you must take an official professional tour at the Visitor Center. You can walk from the entrance to the monastery for about 4 kilometers. The cost is 50JD (about NT$2,250). A guide to Arabic, French, English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Greek is currently available.

Official website

Wadi Rum Wadi Rum

The “Wadi Rum” in southern Jordan, the endless desert scene, is also the location of many movies, such as “Transformers: The Battle of Vengeance” and “Prometheus” are filmed here.

Wadi Rum is listed as a protected area by the Jordanian government. It is recommended to hire a tour guide from the visitor center or participate in a tour guide operated by the Bedouin tribe in the reserve to compare insurance and to visit the place in depth.


It is recommended to sit in a jeep and enjoy the unrestrained feeling in the desert, witnessing the large and small sand dunes and canyons in the reserve, as well as the historic stone inscriptions and special planting landscapes.