NATO Shows Support For Migrant Naval Operation In Aegean

syriaNATO is willing to support a German, Greek and Turkish request for help in monitoring Turkey’s Aegean Sea coast for migrant smugglers, Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said Feb. 11.

“NATO and all the parties at the table this morning indicated a willingness for NATO to support and be a part of that operation,” Carter said at the 28-nation alliance’s headquarters in Brussels.

“All three of those countries emphasized the need for NATO to act quickly, with which the United States strongly agrees, because this is people’s lives and destinies at stake here.”

Carter said that NATO military authorities have been ordered to draw up plans for how the alliance could help shut down illegal migration and people smuggling across the Aegean Sea, the Associated Press reported.

NATO ministers “tasked NATO military authorities to provide its advice for options for implementing it,” said Carter.

Carter said those recommendations will be reviewed by NATO’s Military Committee and submitted to the North Atlantic Council, NATO’s chief decision-making body.