New Method: 1 Heartbeat Diagnosis of Heart Failure, Accuracy Rate is 100%

It recently published in the journal Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, said that blood can be judged from an electrocardiogram Sexual heart failure (CHF), with an accuracy rate of 100%.

Congestive heart failure is a high-risk chronic disease in which the function of ventricular pumping is gradually weakened and finally completely depleted. The mortality rate is high, and the medical cost after the illness is also high. The current examination method is judged by the regularity of the heart rate, which takes a long time and is prone to errors.

Research conducted jointly by the University of Surrey, the University of Warwick and the University of Florence in Italy, combined with signal processing and artificial intelligence, by analyzing the original ECG signals, the accuracy is up to 100%.

Sebastiano, associate professor of neuroscience at the University of Surrey. Sebastiano Massaro said: “We use a lot of ECG data to train and test neural network models, including data on healthy people and patients without heart rate problems. From a single heartbeat, we can determine whether a person has a heart. The problem of exhaustion is 100% accurate.”

Co-researcher, President of the European Union Medical and Bioengineering Association, Li Endo. Leandro Pecchia said: “Our research provides an important diagnostic method for patients with 26 million heart failure problems worldwide. It is possible to find problems early and accurately, which will bring great benefits to patients and reduce them. The burden of the medical system.”

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