The White House Unveiled a Transcript of the Issue of Impeachment Scandal Against President Donald Trump

The White House unveiled a transcript of the issue Tuesday, while the Democratic Party of the United States decided to go to the impeachment scandal against President Donald Trump.

The transcript is a five-page A4 containing the conversation between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenski.

According to US media, including the Washington Post and the New York Times, there was no explicit statement in the transcript that President Trump demanded an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden in exchange for aid to the Ukrainian president.

President Trump did not speak directly of the explicit “quid pro quo” (reward or in return).

However, he stressed that the United States is doing very well in Ukraine, and repeatedly questioned Biden and received a response from President Zelensky to investigate the matter.

In the end, there was no Trump’s “explicit request” or “explicit pressure,” but he said, “There is such a thing.” He directed the appearance.

Emphasis on US support for Ukraine in the process may be interpreted as leveraging the ‘cost’ of aid.

General election victory celebration ‘death’… The ‘corruption’ issue comes out of Zelensky first

The summit talks begin with a “ death ” that Trump did a great job celebrating Zelensky’s victory in the general election.

Zelensky spoke of the problem of ‘corruption’ by borrowing the expression ‘drain the swamp’, which is a relief from Trump’s US presidential election.

“We are working hard to clean up the filth in our country,” he said, saying he wants a new regime and government and “Ultimate teacher” to Ukraine.

President Trump stressed that the United States contributed much to Ukraine, “a lot of effort and time.”

Before discussing the Biden issue, he made a fortunate statement requesting cooperation from Ukraine regarding the 2016 presidential election camp and a special investigation into the allegations of Russian invasion.

“Our country has gone through a lot of things and Ukraine knows a lot about it,” he said. “I want you to find out all about what happened in Ukraine.”

Paul Manorport, former president of the presidential election camp, was investigated for handing over presidential elections to Russia and illegally lobbying pro-Russian politicians and political parties in Ukraine.

Trump ‘Bidden suspicions’ raised… Zelenski “I will investigate”

In the following dialogue, President Trump told Ukrainian former prosecutor general that he had heard that there was a very good prosecutor in Ukraine who had resigned.

Trump said that “some very bad people were involved,” and his personal lawyer Rudolf Giuliani would call Zelensky along with Attorney General William Bar.

Trump then turned to Biden and said, “There are many stories about Biden’s son,” he said, preventing Biden from prosecuting his son.

In this regard, he said, “as many people want to know about him, it would be great if you could do anything with the (f) Attorney General.”

Biden talked about stopping the prosecution, Trump said. “If you can investigate …” it sounds terrible to me. ”

In response, Zelenski said his party would be the majority in parliament and that the next prosecutor-general would be “100% mine.” .

He also asked if there was any additional information to provide for the investigation.

President Trump repeatedly commented on Juliani and said, “I will call Rudolf Giuliani, former New York Mayor and Attorney General Bar. We’ll find out what’s going on and I’m sure you’ll figure it out.”

Zelensky said, “I seriously consider Biden on economic and energy cooperation with the United States, expressing gratitude for staying at New York’s Trump Tower when he visited the United States and Trump’s invitation to Washington, DC. Will be investigated. ”

In the transcript, Trump mentioned Biden’s name three times and Giuliani’s name five times.

In relation to the transcripts, the WP said President Trump did not explicitly mention “Quid Proqua”, but he hinted that the United States is doing very well in Ukraine and called for the launch of an investigation into Biden’s allegations.

It’s important to see if there was an obvious threat, but the WP said it wasn’t all, “it’s like a boss doesn’t explicitly ask, and suggests doing something repeatedly, mentioning what the reward is.”

Trump-Ukraine transcript by the White House:


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The White House unveiled a transcript of the issue Tuesday, while the Democratic Party of the United States decided to go to the impeachment scandal against President Donald Trump.

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