Nikki Haley Calls UNESCO “Corrupt”

The United States and Israel leave the UN agency UNESCO in protest against anti-Israel statements. US outgoing UN ambassador Nikki Haley calls the organization “corrupt” and a “sewer” in a comment on Twitter.

Now the United States and Israel are leaving UNESCO, the UN’s organization for education, science and culture. The countries decided to leave UNESCO as early as 2017 in protest against what they consider to be Israel-hostile positions, reports Haaretz.

UNESCO has, among other things, indicated ancient Israeli cultural heritage as a Palestinian, and gave Palestine membership in the organization in 2011.

However, any major economic blow will not be the countries’ withdrawal, since both the United States and Israel stopped paying to UNESCO in protest against Palestine’s membership in 2011.

It’s not the first time the US leaves UNESCO. In 1984, the Reagan administration left UNESCO in protest when it considered the organization poor, corrupt and a tool for Soviet interests. The United States joined the organization again in 2003.

US outgoing UN ambassador Nikki Haley does not laugh at the words she comments on Twitter. She writes that UNESCO “is among the most corrupt and politically biased of all UN agencies” and a “sewer”.