Online Gambling has Conquered the European Markets

As far as gambling is concerned, much has been said in recent times, especially since the online casino jumped to the headlines because of an unprecedented success.

In fact, online gaming has definitely conquered the European markets, confirming the growth estimates that had already been forecast at the end of the previous year.

All this while 2018 opened with a new increase for the digital gaming segment. In fact, while the land based casino in Europe is in a state of crisis, even with the due exceptions of the case, the online game continues its winning march, especially if we analyze the data coming from players who access directly through smartphone apps and Tablet. This data demonstrates first of all a perfect and correct planning and an extremely positive trend that has not been seen for some time. It is difficult to fully understand why Europe has become such a major market for online gambling in such a short time. Italy in particular is the fourth absolute market and the second at the European level, behind the United Kingdom.

This fact, however, does not take into account an obvious fact: until a few years ago in Italy this type of industry related to gambling and online casinos was not present. The data that we can then analyze start in 2012-2013, that is, when they were introduced in our country online gaming sites. Today it is a thriving market, behind only the lotteries and the sports betting segment. With bet365 casino we can take advantage of all the typical services of a virtual gaming room, which compared to a land based casino offers different privileges and benefits for its customers. Diversification of supply is the key to the success of online gaming. The habits of users playing directly through smartphones show us how casino games are achieving unprecedented success for European markets. Not only the Italian, but also Spain, France and Portugal have consolidated with a significant increase in the operating budget of the last two years 2015-2017.

Gambling offers and the ability to access at all times have made the fortune of the so-called online casinos, which are able to offer the same advantages compared to a land based casino, with the possibility of more privacy . Compared to past years, the level of security has increased significantly so that today gaming sites are the same as a normal online account, based on a sophisticated encryption system to protect user data and those of customers who register to play.

In the data that emerged during the last 5 years, it often hides how much the real and actual total expenditure is, and how much the winnings of the users amount. In particular, the partial data that is often available, omit an interesting fact: playing online wins more frequently and the payout is quite higher, compared to land-based gaming rooms.

Hülya Karahan:The Founder