Oprah Winfrey: Can’t Stop Thinking About this Movie


Oprah Winfrey: Can’t stop thinking about this movie. #Capernaum Saw it 3 days ago. Didn’t know when I watched it that the cast members were real people. Including these 2 phenomenal kids. Story of a young boy who sues his parents to stop having children they can’t afford. It’s about that and so much more. Surviving the daily traumas of being poor,proving your existence matters with no “papers.” Was nominated for Golden Globes. Hope the same happens for Oscars so more people can see it. Really worthy of your time. #Capernaum means chaos.


The 2018 Cannes Jury Prize Winner,CAPERNAUM, is out today across cinemas in the USA. Directed by Nadine Labaki and shot and edited by LUX’s new signings: Director of Photography Christopher Aoun and Editor Konstantin Bock. The film explores the relationship between poverty and anger when a twelve-year-old boy in Beirut launches a lawsuit against his parents, suing them for the fact that he has been born.