Pagani Ready to Show to the World A Sports Electric Hypercar

Next year the Italian supercar manufacturer, the Pagani  , could celebrate the first twenty years of activity with a futuristic electric-powered hypercar.

The CEO of the Horacio Pagani brand would be seriously thinking about it in order not to disprove a reputation as an authentic pioneer in terms of automotive technology.

Propensity that manifested itself since he left “his” Argentina to work at the Lamborghini in the 80s, as head of the department of composite materials of the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese.

The first model to which Pagani dedicated himself in 1987 was, in fact, the Countach Evoluzione, a car in a certain way unique because it used for the first time on a supercar of lightweight materials including carbon fiber. From a small independent Group not tied to major producers if not by collaboration agreements such as the one with AMG of the Daimler Group for the supply of engines and although it intends never to stop the production of internal combustion engines, such as the one under the hood of the Huayra Roadste.  Pagani has long started a parallel development of an electric powertrain. The goal is that by the end of this year a specific division has been launched to deal with electric cars able to manage models that develop up to 800 hp. The technical agreement already started with Daimler for internal combustion engines will also support any EV model that Pagani intends to design and produce.

In the choice to combine electric cars with those with a more traditional powertrain to Pagani they know that they will always combine an appeal able to attract potential buyers of a Pagani. Hence the “dream” of creating a very special EV hypercar to celebrate the first twenty years of activity of a brand that does not have the same dimensions as a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, but is able to meet such an important challenge that it could materialize next year.