Penelope Cruz Uncomfortable Talking Italian

The Spanish actress sponsored last Wednesday the ‘Partita del cuore’, a charity event that since 1992 is celebrated in Italy. Everything went smoothly until the Italian journalist Antonella Clerici, who interviewed Penelope Cruz, and asked her a question related to the world of cooking. When asked about how she worked cooking, the Madrilenian did not hesitate to respond quickly.


The problem is that an error in the pronunciation made, instead of saying ‘cacio’, which means cheese in Spanish, say ‘cazzo’, a term that in Italian is used vulgarly to refer to the penis. The slip of Cruz did not go unnoticed to social networks, which echoed the anecdote.

Surely neither the actress nor the interviewer could imagine that talking about Italian food could end up giving rise to such a delirious episode. Penelope Cruz wanted to say that cooking Italian dishes was not bad for her and that pasta carbonara was the best thing to do. The moment became a trending topic in Italy.