Meghan Markle the Most Loved

From the abdication of Edward VIII to the Carlo-Camilla scandal: even the royal family had its troubles. That’s why nobody opposed the Duchess of Sussex, despite her sister’s and father’s behavior. On the contrary, it has been accepted and protected.

It was December 11, 1936 when King Henry VIII decided to abdicate to marry Wallis Simpson, an American woman with two divorces behind her and poorly seen by the governments of the United Kingdom. In the late eighties, however, the British monarchy had to face the scandal of the heir to the throne Charles who betrayed his wife Diana for the historic flame Camilla, now his wife. Finally, in 2010, Sarah Ferguson was surprised as she pocketed a bribe to introduce a reporter to Prince Andrew, her ex-husband and third-born of Queen Elizabeth.

In short, the royal family – historically – has had to deal with family problems on several occasions. That is why those of Meghan Markle, caused to the unprepared behavior of both the father and the half-sister, were not an obstacle to his entrance to the court. All were sympathetic to the former American actress, they sided with her: first of all Prince Charles who, according to the biographer Katie Nicholl, invited the future daughter-in-law to the Castle of Mey in the days of maximum media storm, to grant them a bit of relaxation.

As if, together with his wife Camilla, they were holding out their hands, they who know well what it means to end up in the eye of the storm. “From the first day he met her, Carlo was struck by Meghan’s incredible intelligence,” revealed author Angela Levin. “She always thought that, thanks also to her acting past that made her seem casual in front of the cameras, she would be the right wife for Harry.” Queen Elizabeth was also soon convinced that many would not accept Markle’s previous marriage.

Instead it did not go like this: “She has grown fond of her since the first meeting”, revealed Us Weekly in the past. Even the corgi welcomed her into the family: “Those dogs have always barked me,” said Harry in the interview where he officially announced the engagement, “but when she arrived, they were all silent.” Meghan immediately made an impression on Prince William, the first in the family to want to meet her, and on his wife Kate, who in 2017 was amazed at an unexpected birthday present.

To think that the Duchess of Sussex, unlike Kate, was invited to spend Christmas at Sandringham with her royal family as early as last year, when she was not yet married to Harry. And it seems that next December Queen Elizabeth has even invited Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, to spend the holidays with the Windsor, a privilege never granted to the Middleton lords.

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