Peugeot Restores Vintage Cars for its Customers

The Peugeot Adventure is launching a restoration and sale service for historic vehicles of the brand.

Peugeot Aventure, official association dedicated to the heritage of the Lion brand, is embarking on a new activity on the occasion of the manufacturer’s 210th anniversary. From 2021, it will offer the restoration of collector Peugeot and the sale of these restored vehicles.

This initiative follows on from the remanufacturing and marketing of original parts which has been developing for several years within the Adventure, and also concerns Citroën. For a year now, the association has offered to support individuals wishing to restore their vehicle and to ensure the maintenance of old cars. Performing complete restorations therefore appears to be a logical development.

To demonstrate its know-how, Peugeot Aventure Peugeot has embarked on the refurbishment of a black Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9. The mythical “bombinette” should thus regain all its brilliance, both in terms of its exterior appearance as well as its upholstery or its mechanics. “This restoration (…) shows the talent and know-how of employees specializing in the various trades necessary for quality restoration: mechanics, trainers, saddlers and sheet metal workers. (…) This new activity is not possible only through the supply of spare parts. (…) Historical subcontractors are called upon to complete the missing parts and the manufacture of parts by 3D printing can be considered when the manufacture of a part is no longer possible “, explains Adventure.

The association’s teams operate in their workshops in Sochaux (25). Each vehicle restored by Aventure Peugeot will be the subject of a certificate of authenticity, starting with the said 205 GTi when the work is completed. A page dedicated to these achievements will soon be posted on the association’s website.

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