Pokemon with Spada and Scudo are Back

The delightful pocket monsters, conceived by the Japanese studio Game Freak on intuition by Satoshi Tajiri, return this Friday with a new video game brace, called Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Spada / Scudo is not the first chapter of the popular series to debut on Nintendo’s hybrid console: last year, in fact, it was the turn of Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu! and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee!, which cleared the pocket-monster franchise on Nintendo home platforms after nearly two decades spent on various Japanese home consoles.

However, what changes is the fact that Pokemon Spada / Scudo are the first couple of titles in the RPG saga to have been completely designed from the ground up for Switch, marrying with its philosophy of hybrid platform, designed for both home enjoyment and the one in motion. Not only that: unlike Let’s Go Pikachu! And Let’s Go Eevee!, Which were remakes of the more classic Pokemon Blue and Pokemon Rosso, Spada / Scudo marks a new beginning for the series, introducing several important innovations – which give them a decidedly more modern touch – but at the same time keeping intact some of its most solid historical pillars.

The second collaboration between Misdo and Pokemon has continued since last year. It was so popular that it buzzed around SNS as a cute Pokemon donut, and there were a lot of stores that sold out.

This time, there are  3 types of donuts, “Pikachu Tail”, whose product names have been decided by “Pikachu Donuts”, “Pon de Monster Ball” Twitter project, and Tapioca drinks inspired by the new Pokemon appearing in “Sword Shield” Released.

Pikachu donuts that were very popular last year. The whole is coated with banana-flavored chocolate and plenty of whipped cream in a fluffy dough. The big eyes are too cute!

Pon de Monster Ball

Monster ball donuts sold last year have become Miss’s most popular product Pon de Ring this year! Rich white chocolate is very delicious. The glaze was refreshing with a sweet strawberry flavor, and the balance of sweetness was very good. Not only cute but really delicious!

Pikachu tail

“Pikachu’s tail”, whose name was decided by Twitter, is very cute! French cruller with custard sandwich is coated with banana-flavored chocolate, which is especially recommended for sweet potatoes and children! The fluffy dough is combined with the custard and banana flavors, making it very delicious.

A tapioca drink from the new Pokémon “Sarnori Hibani Messon” that appears in “Sword Shield”. This tapioca is glutinous! I felt that small children could drink with peace of mind because of the small tapioca. A refreshing and delicious drink with tapioca and soda. Of course compatibility with donuts

Limited sale of Pokemon goods

From November 15th (Friday), Pokemon mugs and plates will be sold exclusively for Misdo! [Face] [Party] two types of development. Reservations can be made from November 8th.

This can be purchased with drinks, donuts and original coasters. This set is very advantageous! Perfect for gifts. If you look closely, Pokemon donuts are also drawn, so please check at the store!