Porsche Manufactured the Latest 991

The latest model of the modern generation of the legendary 911, a white Speedster, came out of the Stuttgart office. The 992 series has the task of replacing it.

It has a long history, which starts from afar, since 1964. But it is also a modern history, dated 2012. A single thread that unites past and present and which has the common characteristic of making Porsche enthusiasts still excited.

The latest Porsche 991 model, today’s generation of the 911, was produced on December 20 in the Stuttgart factory, home to the brand. The car, white Speedster model, marks the end of the most famous modern version of a car that has entered history.

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In fact, the 911 is practically what is called the classic Porsche, the basis of the myth, the car that has defined the stylistic features of the Zuffenhausen brand and that for many years has been re-proposed in various sauces. In 2012 the arrival on the market of the 991, which succeeds in an operation that is not easy in the sector: to adopt the style of the past in a contemporary key and still be appreciated and loved by customers and enthusiasts, the worst critics of a car manufacturer.

The latest 991 model that came out of the Stuttgart factory is part of the 911’s best-selling range ever, with over 233,000 units purchased in seven years. The Speedster in question is powered by the 510 HP six-cylinder 4.0-liter aspirated engine combined with the classic six-speed manual gearbox, in the midst of the Porsche tradition. Which entrusted the unprecedented 992 generation with the difficult task of worthily replacing the 991.