Prencess Charlotte Celebrates her Birthday Turns 6

Born in London on May 2, 2015, little Charlotte of Cambridge celebrates her birthday just three days after her parents’ wedding anniversary and prepares to become the next Princess Royal. Although she, playing with her brothers, she reveals all her vivacity.

Her arrival was celebrated by pink illuminations in the most symbolic monuments and tourist spots of the British capital. Six years later, the birthday of Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge will instead be celebrated quietly, given the period of mourning observed by the royal family following the recent death of great-grandfather Philip. But there will be private celebrations for the child, who will be the protagonist of a party in the vast gardens of Kensington Palace or Anmer Hall, the country residence, in the county of Norfolk, where the Cambridge move on Friday afternoon, after school. And as in the case of her little brother Louis, who turned three on April 23, Charlotte will also be able to invite her girlfriends, taking advantage of her exit from the lockdown in England.

Fourth in line of succession to the throne, her Royal Highness, Princess Charlotte, will one day inherit the title of Princess Royal, which currently belongs to her great-aunt Anne of England. And her future marriage could be given the title of duchess, although that of duke has so far traditionally been granted only to her male heirs. But the little girl already holds a historical record: Charlotte is, in fact, the first Windsor not to suffer the indignation of retreating through the ranks due to the birth of a baby brother. Indeed, when she has children, they will be the ones to make Louis demote!