Suri Cruise Turns 15 her Mother Katie Holmes has Posted to Celebrate

Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise and  Katie Holmes ‘s daughter whom she has hardly seen since they both divorced in 2012.

Notable absence that does not seem to have prevented Suri from growing up in an atmosphere of total happiness. Thanks above all to the care and affection of her mother, who despite not being very fond of exposing the little girl to the judgment of public opinion, on Sunday she broke her own rules for a day to publicly celebrate that the young woman was turning 15 years.

A very special date that Holmes wanted to mark in red by publishing several unpublished photos of Suri on his Instagram profile. Of course, none of the news for that of respecting her privacy. Hence, she pulled from a private album to rescue some photos of her taken on her past birthdays and that now do not pose any danger or any interference in her own image of hers and not so much a child of hers.


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“Happy birthday honey. I love you. I still can’t believe you’re 15 years old, “Katie wrote next to these images that quickly filled with comments from anonymous and famous people wishing Suri the best as she entered her adolescence.

That is, there are only three years left for her to come of age and we finally find out if she will decide to continue living an anonymous life or, if on the contrary, she takes advantage of the fame of her parents to try to carve out a solid career in show business. Offers will not be lacking, of course. But something tells us that her future will pull her for being as far away as possible from those cameras that have been chasing her for as long as she can remember.