World Stock Market, Chinese Stock Market Fell by 1%,

The international tensions between the US and Iran and the war of duties with China weigh on the European lists after curbing those of Asia and the Pacific, in view of the G20 in Osaka on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June, during which a meeting is scheduled between the American president and his Chinese counterpart. Wall Street futures are negative, waiting for a long series of macro data, including the Richmond Fed manufacturing index, which is expected to fall. Madrid (-0.56%) is the worst, preceded by Milan (-0.31%), London (-0.25%), Frankfurt and Paris (-0.15% both). Sales are in the banking sector, starting with Natixis (-2.5%), on the long wave of the sale of illiquid bonds. SocGen (-2.13%), Credit Agricole (PA: CAGR) (-2%), Abn Amro (-1.82%), Commerzbank (DE: CBKG) (-1.7%) and Barclays are also down. (LON: BARC) (-1.63%). In Piazza Affari, with the spread settled at 247.5 points, they sold Bper (-1.74%) and Ubi (-1.66%), which excluded a involvement in the rescue of Carige. The reduction in Banco Bpm (-0.62%) and Intesa (-0.79%).

The KOSPI fell 0.22% to 2,121.

The KOSDAQ index fell 1.07% to close at 710.

The rechargeable battery-related stock showed a stronger bullish trend on the announcement of the abolition of the China Electric Vehicle Battery Grant recommendation list. LG Chem and Samsung SDI, which had difficulties in their business in China after the introduction of the subsidy recommendation list, led the early bounce but were adjusted in the market and Samsung SDI turned down. Small and mid-cap stocks such as ILJIN Materials and L & F rebounded by 2 ~ 3%.

Bitcoin price surpassed 13 million won and related stocks surged. Vident and Paxnet closed at the upper end, and SCI evaluation information and investment in our technology also skyrocketed. JC Hyun System has also gone up in double digits.

Kakao was strong in the news that Kim Bum-soo was excluded from the screening for the major shareholder eligibility examination of the cacao bank. This is because the Legislature announced that it would not have to consider the issue of Kim Bum-soo’s lack of disclosure in the process of qualifying large shareholders through the interpretation of the previous day. In the future, the cacao has been removed from uncertainty and the possibility of becoming the first beneficiary of the Special Act on the Specialized Bank of the Internet has increased.

KPS KPS, which showed strong performance on the maintenance business contract with UAE’s Barracuda nuclear power plant operator on the previous day, plunged in the analysis that the terms of contract did not meet expectations. The stock price of KEPCO KPS and KEPCO technology has been tightly adjusted.

Piazza Affari has a shortness of breath in the early part of the morning (Ftse Mib -0.4%), in line with other European stock exchanges due to the continuation of international tensions. The rise in the spread between German BTPs and Bunds over 248 points holds back Ubi banks (-1.87%), which denied any involvement in the rescue of Carige, Bper (-1.85%), Banco Bpm (-1.4 %) and Unicredit (MI: CRDI) (-1.21%). Minus also for Tim (-1.35%), Unipol (-1.03%), Intesa (-0.83%) and Generali (MI: GASI) (-0.78%). The drop in crude oil does not affect Eni too much (-0.17%) and Saipem (-0.21%), while Buzzi (+ 0.6%), Enel (MI: ENEI) (+ 0.27% ) and Terna (+ 0.07%) are the only major securities to resist above parity. Among the smaller capitalization stocks, the leaps of Risanamento (+ 8.9%), Fiera Milano (+ 3.9%) and Salini Impregilo (+ 2.11%) are worthy of note. Little progress Astaldi (+ 0.16%), weak Trevi (-1.92%).