Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Admit False Statements About The Wedding

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan didn’t get married earlier
May 19, 2018 truly went down in British history – it was the day the eternal bachelor royal finally tied the knot. In front of an audience of millions, Prince Harry (36) officially took actress Meghan Markle (39) as his wife. Then the hammer: As the couple recently revealed in a big reveal interview with Oprah Winfrey, the real wedding is said to have taken place quietly three days earlier. Accordingly, the TV wedding on May 19 would have been a pure lie. All nonsense, as it comes out now, because after fake rumors Harry and Meghan now admitted false statements.

THAT really happened
“You know, we got married three days before our wedding. Nobody knows ”- with this statement Duchess Meghan recently caused a sen

sation in the big reveal talk with Oprah Winfrey. After all, the world had previously assumed that May 19 was officially their wedding date.

After the wedding certificate, which refuted their claim of an advance wedding, was leaked, Harry and Meghan now admit mistakes and clarify via a spokesman what really happened three days before the big TV wedding: According to this, “the couple should go ahead.” exchanged personal vows at their legal wedding on May 19th. ”However, this romantic backyard dialogue should not be equated with an official wedding.

Contrary to what was claimed, Meghan and Harry only made their very personal, unofficial bond for life on that day. By the way, witnesses were not present, which is why this secret “yes” would not have been legally binding anyway.

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