Products for Dry and Cracked Heels

Have you ever suffered from dry and cracked heels and embarrassing odors? In order to solve such annoying foot problems, the indispensable good helper is “Foot Care“. This article will carefully introduce the purchase points of foot cream, and recommend 10 popular products with highly acclaimed effects.

It also includes well-known care brands such as Yuskin and L’Occitane Shea Butter, which are moisturizing and moisturizing, Shiba with mild ingredients, and AVEDA and SABON, which give the feet a fresh fragrance. In addition to the products with the above functions, the article also includes foot care products that can be used as massage creams, so that everyone can repair the skin and relieve the fatigue of the feet, and successfully create the ideal soft and smooth foot!

The purchase points of foot cream
First of all, we will explain how to choose a foot cream that suits you, based on the two key points of whether the commercial ingredients can actually improve the skin problem and the purpose of use.

Choose the right ingredients according to the purpose
Each brand of foot cream emphasizes different use effects, and the ingredients and formulas in the raw materials are also different. Therefore, it is recommended to think about the expected product efficacy before buying, and then confirm whether the ingredients meet the needs.

Vaseline and glycerin are ingredients that can effectively retain moisture for the skin, and are often used in the raw materials of hand creams and lotions. In addition, vitamins and hyaluronic acid are also common moisturizing formulas, so if you want to choose a foot cream that can improve dry skin on your feet, you can pay more attention to whether the product contains the above ingredients.

It is believed that many people use foot creams to solve the odor problem, so there are not a few products on the market that focus on aromatic effects. Most of this type of merchandise contains aluminum chloride that can inhibit sweat glands, and Potassium Alum, which blocks odors, and other ingredients.

Although a foot cream with both moisturizing ingredients and aromatic effects is ideal, it is necessary to keep your feet dry to avoid peculiar smells. Therefore, if you use it before going out, it is recommended to choose a foot cream with lower moisturizing power. In general, only by selecting products based on the use and the evaluation of the use situation can the full effect of the foot cream be brought into play.

If you want to regain the elasticity and luster of the foot skin, ceramide and collagen that can smooth the skin texture, as well as the highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid and shea butter and other beauty ingredients, are all good choices. In addition, the foot cream with natural plant essential oils can also help the skin care ingredients penetrate deep into the skin (※ deepest to the stratum corneum). If you want to pursue smoother skin and improve translucent feeling, you can find suitable products with focus on beauty ingredients.

If you want to improve the rough and thick skin of your knees and heels, you can choose to add acid maintenance ingredients such as fruit acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and natural urea, etc., to remove old dead skin cells. It should be noted that, depending on the acid concentration and formula, it may cause irritation and burden to the skin. Therefore, it is recommended not to use formulas containing high concentrations of acids as daily foot care products, but to regularly and deeply exfoliate and accumulate dead skin.

The skin surface must be lubricated during massage to facilitate massage. Therefore, if you want to use the foot cream as a massage cream, you need to confirm whether there are relevant instructions on the package before purchasing, and choose products with high oil content and thicker texture. It will not burden the skin.

Recommended Top Ten Foot Cream Popularity Ranking
Next, in the form of rankings, we will introduce ten foot creams that can moisturize the skin or have an aromatic effect, which are suitable for daily maintenance. Immediately choose the most suitable product according to your own purpose of use and the ingredient formula explained in the shopping points!

This Q elastic foot cream launched by CLARINS can not only moisturize the skin of the feet, but also can be used as a massage cream. Cashew nut oil and shea butter are added to the product to moisturize and smooth dry fine lines. It is also rich in arnica flower extract that accelerates blood circulation, which effectively relieves leg swelling, fatigue and muscle tension. The discomfort caused.

Since the texture of the cream is relatively thick, it needs to be massaged and stretched to promote absorption by the skin. In addition, although this product can relieve fatigue and soften the skin, it has a slightly lower moisturizing effect than other brand foot creams, and is less suitable for skin problems such as cracks and thick keratin.

Long-lasting moisture lock and moisturizing improve dry skin
O’Keeffe’s European skin from the United States is a low-sensitivity product with no additives, which is popular with local people of all skin types. This foot care cream uses a large amount of glycerin, mineral oil and other moisturizing ingredients to effectively moisturize dry foot skin.

The texture of the concentrated cream will not become moisturizing and greasy immediately after being applied to the skin, but will continue to maintain the water-locking effect as the body temperature gradually penetrates. After long-term use, you will surely feel the skin’s moisture and softness. However, its formula is more suitable for solving the problem of dry skin on the surface of the skin. If you want to use it for deep moisturizing, you may need to pair it with other products.

Herbacin German small chamomile small chamomile hand and foot crack repair cream
herbacin german chamomile

Small chamomile hand and foot crack repair cream
NT$ 21
Made in Germany organic natural formula
German small chamomile carefully selects natural planting materials and insists on prohibiting animal testing, which is deeply loved by consumers. This repair cream specially designed for cracking problems adds chamomile, aloe vera extract and vitamin E and other repairing ingredients to restore the skin’s soft touch and maintain moisture and elasticity. And because of its natural and simple ingredients, friends with sensitive skin can use it with peace of mind.

In addition, its fresh herbal floral scent can also help relax emotions during application and massage, and make it easier to sleep at night. However, even if most users say that its texture is refreshing, some still say that the sound is too greasy, and you may need to think about it before buying.