French, Le Figaro: Secret of Putin

 French newspaper “Le Figaro” revealed the secret of Putin’s success on the international scene and the difference between him and the leaders of the West.

In recent years, Russia has won most of the geopolitical conflicts because of the great knowledge of its president Vladimir Putin and his understanding of the dialectical relationship between history and geography.

“Putin’s understanding of geography and knowledge of the planet’s political map and the main features of each country and nation plays an important role in Russia’s success in the international arena,” said the prestigious Le Figaro newspaper.

As an example, the newspaper cited the incident of Putin’s boycott of the Russian Minister of Agriculture, Alexander Tkashov, when he talked about the export of Russian pork to Indonesia. The president explained to him that it was wrong because Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country where 87% It is impossible to consume pork there. Unlike other world leaders, Putin recognizes cultural differences in the education and minds of other nations, allowing him to pursue a more prudent and thoughtful policy, the paper noted.


On the other hand, Western leaders who have been upholding Putin and Russia for many years, hostility and do not understand this issue at all. For example, Nicolas Sarkozy and George W. Bush did not know the difference between the Shiites and Sunnis at the beginning of their term, which led to a disaster in their policies in the Middle East. The same applies to Western leaders. For example, US President Donald Trump blurs Austria and Australia, and Emmanuel Macaron describes Guyana as an island, although it is a French colony in South America, the newspaper adds.

The reason for this, as Figaro noted, is weak educational systems in the West. Therefore, they do not have a clear long-term strategy that allows them to understand who are enemies and who are friends, what countries can not be out of balance, to maintain peace in the whole world, and what is the real relationship between states. All this leads to many geopolitical mistakes, which the whole world has to pay for now. For example, the emergence of the “Islamic State(Da’ash) is the result of the destruction of Iraq by the Americans in 2003 and the support of armed insurgents in Syria.

“For this reason, Russia is consistently victorious from most of the world’s conflicts, because it has a clear strategy and vision in all regions of the world, although the Western countries combined are much stronger in terms of political, economic and military resources.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder

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