Rainbow Six Extraction Raises Adrenaline

Ali Haktan: Production Editor


An online shooting game that sends you to fight an alien invasion, excels at maintaining teamwork and introducing a dimension of danger to the experience.

I admit as someone who has been playing for years the excellent multi-player tactical shooting game RAINBOW SIX SIEGE, where two groups of human players face each other, I was a little worried when I heard about EXTRARCTION, the new game in the series that replaces the human enemy with bots. Fortunately the fears were dispelled and we were left with an excellent game that managed to crack the formula for a real team game. The game TOM CLANCY RAINBOW SIX EXTRACTION, developed by Ubisoft Montreal and distributed by Ubisoft, is a multiplayer game that supports up to three players. This is very important because it means you can play either alone or in a team of two, if you are short of playmates. However I do not recommend going out into the field without at least one other good player, this is a serious challenge.

The game presents an original story about an alien invasion of Earth, a type of parasite that has taken root in the ground and spawned monsters at different difficulty levels and at different sites.

Visually the game hits a target, it looks and feels wonderful, very gloomy and the danger can really jump on you from every corner. In terms of gameplay the developers have come up with a problem that exists in shooting games of this kind, and that is that there is no real fear of death, which causes players to go on a rampage in the field. In EXTRACTION this problem is solved in a very original way. If you die during an operation, and are not rescued by your teammates, the character will get stuck there until you go out to rescue him with a new team. The result: you will not be able to use this operator until the rescue, and if you fail to rescue him you will lose the experience points he gained at the entrance, which means you will have to do risk management and the fear of death in the game becomes real.