Rita Wilson: “What I Told Tom Hanks when They Diagnosed me with Cancer”

The actress, who is doing well today, returns to the 2015 diagnosis, and to the discussion she hadwith her husband for over 30 years: “I was afraid of dying. I told him that if something happened, he should have been sad for a long time. ” And then Rita asked him to organize a party …

Frightened, anxious, with the head going to the thought of dying. This is how Rita Wilson felt in 2015, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. What he said to his husband – for over 30 years – Tom Hanks tells it now in a post written on his Instagram profile: “Four years ago, when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had many different thoughts,” she said. told the actress and singer who today is cancer-free after “very complicated months” and after suffering a double mastectomy, “I was scared, anxious, I was afraid of dying”.

So Rita, 62, had a “serious discussion” with the Cast Away actor: “I told him that if something happened, he would have to be sad for a long time … and then I also told him that I would like to organize a party”. Those sensations now also put them in the song Throw Me a Party, a single from the new album coming out, Halfway to Home.

The diagnosis that no one would ever hear had arrived in April 2015. And after the surgery, she had made it known that she felt “blessed” for the love and support of her husband, friends, family and doctors who they saved her life. “Last week, with my husband by my side, and with the love and support of family and friends, I underwent bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction surgery after a diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma. I am recovering and, more importantly, I expect a complete recovery. Why? Because I took it early, I have excellent doctors “. Rita absolutely wanted to convey a message: the diagnosis of cancer came because she insisted: a first examination had given a negative result, but she felt that something was wrong. So he asked for a second opinion and the disease came out.

Tom Hanks has always been by his side: “What is surprising is how much strength there can be in such a short period of time, we were really lucky,” he said recently, “We were able to take advantage of the best health care. of the world but while all this happened I could not do anything but bow before the courage and strength of my wife ».