Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with the New 7 nm Exynos

This year, however, things could go differently and Galaxy Note 10 could be equipped with a different processor than the Galaxy S10. While the latter should indeed have a Snapdragon 855 (in the US) or an Exynos 9820, rumors from China say that Galaxy Note 10 could show off an Exyons 9825.

The difference between the two models could be in the presence of a 5G modem or – a more fascinating hypothesis – in a new construction technology. Exynos 9820 in fact is built with the 8 nm process, while Exynos 9825 could be the first 7 nm chip for Samsung made using ultraviolet ray lithography. These second-generation chips thanks to the new process have a footprint smaller than 40% and can gain 20% in speed or 50% in energy consumption.

Apparently this will not be ready before the second half of the year so there is not much chance of seeing the new Exynos on the upcoming Galaxy S10. Everything is different for Galaxy Note 10. Not all accounts come back though, because in this view the US version would not have a different processor, but would still remain with Snapdragon 855 although it would probably earn the Qualcomm X50 modem for 5G.