Samsung Galaxy S10 All Models will be Equipped with Fingerprint

S, S Plus models are equipped with ultrasound and entry-level optical fingerprint scanner

It will be impossible to find physical home button in front of Samsung’s main smart phone in the future.

According to industry sources on December 27, Samsung Electronics recently decided to integrate display-integrated fingerprint recognition technology into all three Galaxy S models to be released next year. In previous reports and industry reports, Samsung had expected to use fingerprint recognition technology on both the high-end S and S plus models, and the fingerprint sensor on the side buttons for the entry-level models. If all of Samsung’s three flagship display models in the first half of next year are actually equipped with a display-integrated fingerprint sensor, the home button will disappear completely in Samsung’s flagship smartphone model.

“The Galaxy S and S Plus models will use ultrasonic scanners, while the remaining entry-level S models will use optical scanners,” a display industry official who asked for anonymity said.

Ultrasonic fingerprint scanners are expected to be exclusively supplied by Qualcomm of the United States, which introduced the technology in 2015. Ultrasonic fingerprint recognition is known to be superior to conventional technologies in terms of accuracy and performance, because the conventional optical fingerprint scanner uses fingerprint images in 3D format, unlike 2D fingerprint images. Ultrasonic expression is known to give excellent performance irrespective of sweat, moisture, dust, light exposure and so on.

The optical scanner, which captures the image of a fingerprint like a digital camera, is 3 times cheaper than the ultrasound method, but the risk of hacking is relatively high, the fingerprint is too sweaty or too dry, The recognition rate tends to decline.

The technical drawbacks are that it is not as vulnerable to hacking as it is not as accurate as an optical fingerprint scanner can not use, or it is hard to mount it on a smartphone for hacking. Both Samsung and Apple are using optical technology.

Samsung, together with Synaptics of the United States, tried to incorporate an optical display integrated fingerprint scanner in the Galaxy S8 launched in 2017, but instead of introducing display-integrated fingerprint technology as a technical problem, To the back of the smartphone.

Since then, Chinese smartphone makers, such as Huawei and Bibo, have launched display-integrated fingerprint recognition smartphones.

“One of Apple’s industry leaders, Samsung, is still at risk for using the new technology,” one industry official said. “One mistake can hurt your brand image.”

Market research firm IHS Markets predicts that shipments of smartphones with integrated display fingerprint sensors will reach 100 million units in 2019.




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