Macron Calls on Europeans not to Depend on Washington

Stating that the security of Europe could no longer depend solely on Washington, Emmanuel Macron announced a new project to come on the subject, adding that it would introduce strengthened measures.

Emmanuel Macron announced Monday that he would present “in the coming months” a project to strengthen security in Europe, saying it can no longer rely solely on the United States.

“We must take all the consequences of the end of the cold war,” he added, adding that he hopes to launch a “comprehensive reflection on these topics with all partners in Europe and therefore with Russia” .

To “revisit the European defense and security architecture”, he intends to launch “a renewed dialogue on cybersecurity, chemical weapons, conventional weapons, territorial conflicts, space security or the protection of polar areas, especially with Russia”.

“But that should not stop us from working right now between Europeans and I count on you for that,” he said in a speech to 250 ambassadors.

Hülya Karahan: The Founder