Samsung Electronics is planning to launch a fold-out phone and 5G phone in addition to the Galaxy S10 this year. Samsung’s smartphone line-up will make a huge leap this year, according to US CNET.

Samsung will unveil at the San Siro Coville Graham Civic Auditorium at 11 am (US Pacific time) on the 20th.

At this event, the Galaxy S10 will be released. However, the interest in unpacking this year is not only the latest Galaxy model S10. It is also expected to release a Samsung Fold Folder, which will lead the ‘folding phone competition’ with the 5G support model.

 CNET “The biggest change in the Samsung device”

“This year’s event will be filled with the biggest changes in Samsung devices over the next few years,” said CNET USA.

Recently, the smartphone market has been evaluated as reaching the limits of innovation. It has become increasingly difficult to fill in new innovations with square-shaped displays. In some cases, ‘smart phone fatigue’ is about to mention.

So, both Samsung and Apple are faced with the painful reality of shrinking smartphone shipments. According to market researcher Strategy Analytics, Samsung shipped 291.3 million smartphones last year. The figure is 8.3% less than the previous year’s figure of 2017.

5G and FolderBoop are considered to be expected to overcome this situation. CNET expects this event to be filled with products that will change the lineup of Samsung‘s smartphone.