Sanction Hit The Chelsea’s Abramovich So Hard

Roman Abramovich ends up on the British government’s sanctions list. This has serious consequences for Chelsea. The fact that the fan shops are closing is irrelevant. It’s getting harder for the club.

UK is reacting to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine. “There must be no safe havens for those who supported Putin’s vicious attack on Ukraine,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson was quoted as saying. Abramovich is said to be close to Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, which he denies. A total of seven Russians are on the new sanctions list.

In addition to Abramovich, billionaire Oleg Deripaska can also be found there, as British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on Thursday. Also listed are the heads of the Russian energy companies Rosneft and Gazprom, Igor Sechin and Alexei Miller, the head of the pipeline giant Transneft, Nikolai Tokarev, and the bankers Dmitry Lebedev and Andrei Kostin. “Today’s sanctions show once again that oligarchs and kleptocrats have no place in our economy and society,” Truss said. Given their close ties to Russian President Putin, they are “complimentary in his aggression.”

Abramovich wants to sell club
Chelsea FC will be granted a license for the time being so that “football-related activities” can continue. The government said the intention was to prevent the sanctions from damaging the football club. By allowing Chelsea to continue playing their games, you protect the Premier League, football as a whole, loyal fans and other clubs. The license is checked regularly.

What exactly the sanctions mean for the planned sale of Chelsea FC was unclear. Abramovich recently announced that he wanted to sell the club after almost 20 years. The move was in response to calls for sanctions against him, which now come into effect ahead of the Chelsea sale. Abramovich said he would use the proceeds to support the victims of the Russian war in Ukraine.

The proposed sale of the club has therefore been suspended for the time being. The Treasury Department in London confirmed that “Chelsea Football Club is also part of the frozen assets”. After all, the Johnson government is considering integrating the sale of the club into the special license and still making it possible. In this case, however, Abramovich is not allowed to make a profit.

Under Abramowitsch, the Blues, who are currently being coached by German football coach Thomas Tuchel, experienced the most successful period in their club history and won all kinds of national and international titles, most recently the Champions League and the Club World Cup.

So while the ball is still rolling, unlike the ruble, there are sometimes severe sanctions. In the future, only season ticket holders will be allowed into the stadium at Stamford Bridge, and the sale of day tickets is prohibited. The fan shop must also be closed. Reason: Abramovich is no longer allowed to earn money with Chelsea.

Players, coaches and all other employees may continue to be paid. Travel expenses up to a maximum of 20,000 pounds (approx. 24,000 euros) per game are permitted. The financial expenditure per home game may not exceed 500,000 pounds (approx. 600,000 euros). In the Champions League, the round of 16 second leg is scheduled for next Wednesday in Lille – according to the current regulations, the budget of £20,000 must also suffice for the trip to northern France.

In addition, the Blues are no longer allowed to transfer players or sign new contracts. Spicy: Rüdiger’s contract expires in the summer, clubs like FC Bayern and Juventus Turin had recently signaled an interest. But even if Rüdiger wanted to extend the contract in London – he couldn’t do that at the moment. It is also quite possible that the Blues will also lose some players. On top of that, Chelsea couldn’t sign a replacement.

Recently, calls from Chelsea supporters for Abramovich during the demonstrations of solidarity for Ukraine had angered Tuchel. “This is not the right moment for it,” said Tuchel. “If we show solidarity, then we should all do it together,” added the coach after last Saturday’s incident.

All Premier League stadiums commemorated the weekend before Ukraine kicked off and applauded for a minute. However, before Chelsea’s match in Burnley (4-0), fans who had traveled with them disrupted the game by loudly shouting the name of the Russian Chelsea owner several times in the Turf Moor stadium. Burnley fans responded with boos.

“It’s not the moment for other messages,” said Tuchel. “It’s the moment to show respect. We want to do that. And as a club, it’s important that our fans participate in this minute of applause. We are doing this for Ukraine and there are no two opinions about the situation there. Our thoughts are with them, they have our solidarity and we should stand together.”

The Russian billionaire Abramovich recently announced that he wanted to sell Chelsea FC after almost 20 years. His move is seen as a reaction to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine and therefore the threat of sanctions for Russian oligarchs in Great Britain. Under Abramovich, Chelsea experienced the most successful period in the club’s history and won a large number of trophies. A week ago, Abramovich said he wanted to visit Stamford Bridge one last time.

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Roman Abramovich ends up on the British government's sanctions list. This has serious consequences for Chelsea. The fact that the fan shops are closing is irrelevant. It's getting harder for the club.

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