The Ability of Geckos to Run on Water

A group of scientists from the UK and the USA, led by Jasmine Nirodi from University of Oxford, conducted an experiment by examining the ability of flat-tailed house geckos to move along the surface of the water. The results of their research were published in the Cell Biology journal the day before.

The experiment involved six geckos who were put in an aquarium and forced to flee. The scientists recorded the last 10 cm of the way on a high-speed camera: in total, 63 records were obtained.

It was found that the geckos raise the body above the water during movement, while their legs are in contact with water. Air cavities that help keep the body above water are created by quick strikes with both front and hind legs. As a result, the speed of movement of animals reaches 1 m / s.

In addition, the surface tension of water and superhydrophobic skin help the geckos to hold the body, scientists say. The skin of lizards helps them to reduce viscous friction in water during the underwater phase of movements. Researchers note that in the future, it will be necessary to conduct similar experiments with other medium-sized reptiles that can navigate through water.

Previously, scientists from MIT created a plant-cyborg. The developers made a robotic platform on Elowan wheels, the electrodes of which were implanted into the leaves, stem and roots of the plant. In the course of the experiment, it turned out that the plant was capable of giving biological signals that the robot was able to decipher.