No More Asthma, Bronchtis, Cough Lungs Remedy by Our Grandmothers

Nature can really give us the answers we are seeking and so can this remedy that can be prepared with very simple steps. The ingredients are already in your kitchen and combined together they can treat lung issues, bronchitis and asthma. This recipe has been used even since ancient times and there is no doubt that it definitely works!

5 liters of water


2 lemons


7 tablespoons of honey


½ kg of onions


½ kg of unrefined sugar




Place the sugar into a bigger pot and put it on low heat. Heat until it changes the color and turn into amber yellow but do not let it overcook since it will become useless and bitter.
Stir the sugar constantly and make sure the heat is low. After the sugar caramelizes add the onions inside it and stir. After that add the water inside this mixture.

Cook it on medium heat until 1/3 of the water boils down and disappears. After this process is done leave the mixture to rest and cool down.

Add in the lemon juice and honey until you get a very smooth structure of the mixture. Leave it to rest again and strain the whole mixture in order to remove all the onion pieces inside it.

After the mixture rest and cools down store it into a glass container (jar, bottle) and store it in the fridge or on room temperature.

You should consume this remedy before every meal. The recommended dose for adults is 1 tablespoon and for children is 1 teaspoon. This is the advisable dose and it should not be overused. Once you use all the mixture you can prepare a new and fresh batch.