Sebrae-SP: 83% of Brazilian Concerned Coronavirus will Affect their Company

In Sao Paulo, a survey by Sebrae-SP shows that six out of ten entrepreneurs are “very concerned” about the Coronovirus. The interviews were conducted between March 16 and 17 with 1,509 business owners from across the state. Coronavirus is a threat to the financial health of small businesses. In Sao Paulo, a survey by Sebrae-SP

For 83% of respondents, the coronavirus will affect your company. Among them, 95% believe that the impact will be negative. Of the total respondents, 12% do not know if there will be an impact and only 5% say they do not expect to be affected. The concern is greater among entrepreneurs in the capital – 90.7% of them expect to suffer an impact with the coronavirus. In the interior, this index drops to 79.1%.

In relation to the sector of activity, the most concerned entrepreneurs are in commerce: 86.5%, against 81.9% in industry and 81.5% in the services sector. Regarding the size of the company, 90.4% of small business owners believe that they will suffer impact. Among micro-business owners, this rate is 86.8%; among , it is 79.1%.

Entrepreneurs answered about the main negative impacts they expect for their business: 71.6% fear a drop in sales; 59.7% cited a reduction in the flow of consumers and 43.8% a reduction in the company’s activities. Up to three options could be answered.

The small share of small business owners who expect a positive impact from the coronavirus cite as expectations: increased sales (39.7%), increased customer base (32.7%) and increased internet sales (26% ).

Faced with the threat of business impact, four out of ten entrepreneurs are already planning to take action. For 55%, however, the best thing to do at the moment is to wait. Among those who intend to take action, the main attitudes cited are: intensifying hygiene in the workplace (74.5%), informing employees about the virus (44.5%), working in the home office (29%) and implement internet sales (24.9%).

Small business owners were asked about what immediate actions they believe could help their companies. For 29.6%, the main factor would be flexibility in terms of payment of taxes and bills, followed by exemption from certain taxes for a fixed period (26.5%), facilitated loans (14.4%) and opening of credit lines ( 13.4%).

Currently, the priority for Sebrae-SP is to minimize the impact of coronavirus on small businesses, which today account for 49% of jobs and 27% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product .




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In Sao Paulo, a survey by Sebrae-SP shows that six out of ten entrepreneurs are "very concerned" about the Coronovirus

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