Security Date of Turkey: Bab

TSK (Turkish Armed Forces)and FSA are determined to take the Bab to prevent DEAŞ from returning to the Turkish border. If the Bab in the Euphrates is not captured, it will receive the regime or the PYD / PKK. Entering Bab will also prevent the PKK from establishing a “state” that spans hundreds of miles across the border. The safe placement of asylum seekers in Turkey depends on Bab’s passing to the FSA and

DEAŞ is doing one of the most violent resistance in Syria, Bab. A high-level safety source in motion: “We’ll get Babs quickly and quickly”

Turkey needs to keep the terrorist organizations DEAŞ and the PYD / PKK away from the border and obstruct the “terrorist states” and reliably resettle Syrian refugees, saving the Bab within 30 km of the border. The Babylon in the northern part of Aleppo is located 30 kilometers from the Turkish border.
The province, which is based on an area of ​​30 square kilometers, had 64 thousand people according to the last census of civil war.

Mostly Bab, which Sunni Arabs reside in, is one of the most important trade centers in the country. The high welfare district was known as a region where merchants from the surrounding settlements set up large markets.

The real prominence of Bab during DEAŞ’s control during the war was the position on the road routes.

The Bab district in the north of the country lies on the M4 motorway, starting from Lazkiye, the fortress of the Bashar Assad regime on the Mediterranean coast, and extending from Aleppo-Rakka-Haseke and then to Mosul city of Iraq.

The name of the city that connects Syria’s west and east is “door”.
– Obtaining BAB for border and settler security is a must

The forces of the Free Syrian Army in the Operation of the Fırat Kalkan, which started on 24 August with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces, cleared DEAŞ of 1,840 square kilometers between the Azez-Cerablus districts of Turkey’s border to the north of Aleppo.

DEAŞ, however, is attacking with the groups it sometimes sends from Bab to return to the lands they lost.

DEAŞ has been removed from the border of Turkey 27.5 kilometers away from the border was also a significant advantage against infiltration.

Turkey aims to push the organization back as far as possible and move the border territory beyond the missile range of DEAŞ.

If the border and the clearing zone can be protected, it will be possible to place Syrian asylum seekers and build habitats in the safe area.

– Obtaining BAB for border and settler security is a must