Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges Rose 1.35%

The People’s Bank of China did not conduct open market operations for the fourth consecutive day, with a net return of 150 billion yuan in a single day (the same below); the PBOC official said that the foreign exchange should be used to stabilize the exchange rate when necessary.

The central parity of the Renminbi continued at 72 points to 6.9646. Against a dollar, the lowest since May 20, 2008. The mainland official manufacturing PMI fell to a 27-month low in October, which was inferior to the non-manufacturing PMI. However, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets opened higher on Wednesday (31st), and the Shanghai Composite Index successfully returned to 2,600 points in the afternoon. More than 2%.

The brewing stocks rebounded significantly, and the cement and infrastructure sectors rose. The strong financial stocks in the previous period were regressed, and the weights such as oil, automobiles and real estate also softened. The Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.35% and 1.46% to 2,602 points and 7,482 points. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index closed at 3,153 points, up 1.4%. The Growth Enterprise Index also rose 1.24% to 1,275 points. The turnover of the two cities was 314.9 billion yuan.

Mainland cement prices are bullish, cement stocks are high, Qingsong Jianhua (600425.SH) daily limit, Conch Cement (600585.SH), Wannianqing (000789.SZ) bombs more than 6%, Tianshan shares (000877.SZ), Jianfeng Group (600668.SH) rose more than half a percentage; Chinese word stocks soared, China Nuclear Construction (601611.SH), Chinalco International (601068.SH) daily limit, China Railway Construction (601186.SH) 8.1%, China Communications Construction ( 601800.SH) 5% bomb; wine stocks rebounded significantly, welcoming tribute wine (603198.SH), Jinshiyuan (603369.SH) more than 8%, Shuijingfang (600779.SH) rose 6.7%, Chongqing Beer (600132. SH), Shunxin Agriculture (000860.SZ) bombs more than 5%; the tourism sector is strong, China International Travel Service (601888.SH) earned more than 40% in the first three quarters, the price is 8%, Tianmu Lake (603136.SH), Jiuhua Tourism (603199.SH) bombed more than 3%.

Civil aviation stocks rebounded, Spring Airlines (601021.SH) 6.8%, Air China (601111.SH) rose 5.2%, China Southern Airlines (600029.SH), China Eastern Airlines (600115.SH) and so on more than 2%; the pharmaceutical sector expanded in the afternoon, Huahai Pharmaceutical (600521.SH) and Jiudian Pharmaceutical (300705.SZ) daily limit, Rundu shares (002923.SZ), Kailaiying (002821.SZ) were 8.8% and 7.7% respectively; Xianglu tungsten industry (002842.SZ), Minmetals rare earth (000831.SZ), Shenghe resources (600392.SH), electrical alloy (300697.SZ) daily limit, northern rare earth (600111.SH)9.6%; food stocks Hengqiang, Haitian Weiye (603288.SH) daily limit, Yili shares (600887.SH) in the first three quarters of net profit increased by 2.2%, the price bullet 3.3%; airport, home appliances and other sectors also performed better.

Brokerage stocks retreated, Southwest Securities (600369.SH) fell 4.7%, Zhongyuan Securities (601375.SH), Pacific (601099.SH), Guohai Securities (000750.SZ), Soochow Securities (601555.SH), the country Yuan Securities (000728.SZ) low water 3.1% to 4%; auto sector reversed the market, FAW Xiali (000927.SZ) fell 4.8%, Beiqi Blue Valley (600733.SH), FAW Car (000800.SZ) lower More than 2%; bank stocks were soft, Nanjing Bank (601009.SH) net profit in the first three quarters increased by 15.4% year-on-year, the price spit 3.2%, Zhangjiagang Bank (002839.SZ), Bank of Beijing (601169.SH) and other low water More than 1%; PetroChina (601857.SH) and Sinopec (600028.SH) stabilized after the performance, PetroChina slightly rose 0.6%, Sinopec remained flat; shipping, retail and other sectors are also relatively backward