Singapore Bans Sugary Drinks Ads

This is one of the policies that the Ministry of Health will implement from next year. Soft drinks, juices, yogurts and instant coffee will be some of the products affected by this regulation against diabetes. They will have to display a nutritional label.

At the end of last year, the Singapore Ministry of Health asked citizens if they agreed that the advertisements on sugary drinks were regulated by the government in order to reduce their consumption. More than 70% of the people who participated in this popular consultation said yes. That is the origin of the new measure that will be implemented by the Asian country from next year, making it the first in the world to ban the advertising of these “less healthy” products.

This measure, announced yesterday by Health Minister Edwin Tong, will apply for soft drinks, juices, yogurts and instant coffee, which cannot be promoted by magazines and newspapers, much less television, online media and other platforms. All products that contain a high sugar content, in addition, will have to carry with them a nutritional label in which their ingredients are understandable.

This idea, framed in the “war on diabetes” campaign, could be accompanied by two other proposals. The first one is a possible tax for these products or even the total ban on drinks with a lot of sugar. Both have not been confirmed by the Singapore government, which has been leading with an increasing obesity rate since the 1990s. For 2017, it was estimated that almost one in 7 adults had diabetes.

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