Stock Markets

S & P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures have soft trends at the Globex US stock futures market at 17:15. NY Dow futures have been at around 330 dollar lower. The European stock market is completely inexpensive. NY crude oil futures overtime closed with a fall of about $ 0.70 from the previous day. Following this trend, the US stock market on the 2nd of the month is likely to start with the selling front.

Despite expectations for the progress of the 90-nation consultations, the December new-manufacturing PMI announced today is also below 50, following the December manufacturing PMI announced at the end of last year concerned about the economic slowdown Is superior. Also, the closing of part of US government agencies is over the years. With the House of Representatives from 3 rd the House of Representatives will become twisted state of the Democratic Party, coordination will become more difficult and there is concern that the closing issue may be prolonged.

In addition, reports saying “President Trump will hold a meeting with ruling and opposition leaders today,” a trend will be noticed. NY Crude Oil futures are expected to develop selling dominance as a result of inventory and production volume increase in the United States.

The US economic indicator to be announced today is December Manufacturing PMI revision. It is expected to be the same level as the preliminary figures, and it seems to be a neutral material for the stock market.