Sunao Kuwahara Fall Winter 2020 Collection

This season’s Sunao Kwahara is based on the theme of “landscapes from the past.” The inspiration came from the European corridors, the flower arrangements in the tea house, or the snow falling on the city. The motifs that made me feel nostalgic were scattered everywhere, but sublimated in a modern sense.

Cupra cotton with rich nuances of shades like ink paintings, vividly printed with stylized floral patterns. Along with wool, it was used for shirt dresses with bold switching. A modest A-line silhouette, natural folds at the hem, and a clean color scheme, while the collar is small and round, giving a cute impression.


The crew neck knit lined with snowflakes combines a dress with European tile motifs. There are designs reminiscent of a nostalgic picture postcard, such as a windmill, sailing boat, and a girl standing in a quiet landscape. On the other hand, the one-piece tops have been switched to small floral print shirts. The texture of the crisp cotton and the bright tone gave it a modern feel.

The feature of this season is that it incorporates military taste everywhere. The MA-1 combines nylon body with wool-based sleeves. The shape of the shoulders is greatly reduced, and the slightly expanded seams between different materials stand out. The combined skirt has plenty of weight, giving it a natural A-line and deep folds and elegant impression.


This season’s collection is composed of dark gray and khaki, beige and brown, and gentle colors as if picking up fallen leaves in the forest. Among them, the one-piece dress constructed by connecting vivid corduroy is one of the most eye-catching colors reminiscent of pottery. The clean form created by tightly squeezing the hem opening and the vibrant colors that do not succumb to the passage of time blend nostalgia into the modern sensibility.

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