Sunlight can Quickly Destroy Coronavirus

A new study by researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health shows that among the 7 known coronaviruses that infect humans, 4 of the most common respiratory infections are present. Seasonal, and seems to be similar to the way flu spreads.

The study authors said that it is not yet certain whether the new coronavirus will have similar characteristics. But it is hoped that this research will help investigators to better prepare for what will happen during the pandemic. The research was published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

American research: Sunlight can quickly destroy coronavirus! As fast as 1.5 minutes 

The United States Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology adviser William Bryan pointed out at the White House that government scientists have discovered that ultraviolet rays have a great impact on pathogens, and the spread of the new coronavirus is likely to be obtained this summer. ease.

Bryan said: “Our most striking observation so far is that sunlight seems to be able to kill viruses, both on the surface and in the air. We also have temperature and humidity Seeing similar results, increasing temperature and humidity, or both, is generally not conducive to virus growth.”

In general, the half-life of the virus is 18 hours. But when the humidity rises to 80%, the half-life is shortened to 6 hours, and when sunlight is added, the half-life is shortened to 2 minutes. When the virus is suspended in the air, the half-life is 1 hour, the temperature is 21-24 degrees, and the humidity is 20%. Under the sunlight, this time fell to one and a half minutes.

Brian concluded that conditions similar to summer “will create an environment that can reduce transmission.” However, Brian added that the reduction in transmission does not mean that the pathogen will be completely eliminated, and the social distance criterion cannot be completely lifted.

The US Department of Health pointed out: the new crown will appear “seasonal”

Previous studies also agreed that the virus spreads better in cold and dry weather than it does in hot and humid environments, and in countries in the southern hemisphere, the spread of the virus is slower. The countries in the southern hemisphere are currently in early autumn, the weather is still very warm to confirm this. For example, Australia has fewer than 7,000 confirmed cases and 77 deaths, far lower than many countries in the northern hemisphere.

It is believed that the causes include respiratory droplets staying longer in the air in colder weather, and viruses degrade faster on hotter surfaces because the protective layer of fat that wraps them dries faster.

However, the US health authorities believe that even if the new crown cases have slowed down in the summer, the infection rate in the autumn and winter seasons may rise again, consistent with other seasonal viruses such as influenza.


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American research: Sunlight can quickly destroy coronavirus! As fast as 1.5 minutes 

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