What are the Causes of Fatigue

There are many causes for the feeling of tiredness. It is important to differentiate them in order to find the remedy to have more energy in an effective way.

Sometimes we can feel tired, fatigued or drowsy because we do not rest properly. Sleeping poorly or poorly is one of the most common causes of tiredness. Concerns, sleep disorders, and other reasons can affect the reconciliation and development of restful sleep.

Another possible cause of fatigue is hormonal imbalances or even normal hormonal changes that occur throughout life, as in menopause. For example, people with thyroid-related illnesses (hypothyroidism) may feel muscle weak and dejected. In these cases, assessment and follow-up by a health professional is necessary.

Iron deficiency in the body can also result in muscle exhaustion or weakness. Iron is a necessary element in the red blood cells of our blood to transport oxygen throughout our body and allow our cells to breathe. If the amount of iron is not adequate, we cannot function properly. For this reason, some people may benefit from iron-rich foods and supplements to improve tiredness and have more energy.

Likewise, the lack of certain vitamins, such as B2 and B12, are related to fatigue and is one of the causes of its appearance. Vitamins B2 and B12 come from the food we eat, so an inadequate diet or poor absorption may be reasons for its deficit. Some people gradually lose the ability to assimilate these vitamins with age. According to a study by  gerontologists, 16.5% of people over 65 suffer from vitamin B12 deficiency. taking care of the diet and, if necessary, taking a supplement of these vitamins can be a good idea to combat fatigue and have more energy.Perhaps the causes of fatigue mentioned above are already known to you. However, there is one important factor in the onset of age-related fatigue that we often overlook: our muscles.

When our muscles weaken, our entire body weakens and fatigue appears. The musculature is the engine of our body: movement and, therefore, any activity, involves muscular work. It is not just for athletes: all daily tasks need strong body muscles.

However, the muscle gradually decreases with age. Approximately from the age of 40, all people begin to lose muscle mass and strength, affecting our functional capacity.


This change, which is natural and progressive, can be more or less pronounced depending on lifestyle. People who maintain a diet rich in high-quality protein and do some exercise maintain their muscles better. However, those who do not carry out these cares may have a functional loss that may affect their quality of life.

If you feel fatigued often and it’s been years past 40, consider the possibility that your muscles need a bonus to regain your energy. Having a healthy lifestyle and taking an adequate amount of high-quality protein is the way to take care of your muscles, reduce muscle weakness and conserve all your strength, being one of the best ways to have more energy, every day.

When looking for a solution for fatigue, it is common to resort to multivitamins. Although they can be beneficial in some cases, they will not always provide the body with everything it needs.

Therefore, opting for a food with vitamins and minerals, and also rich in high-quality proteins, such as those in milk, may be a better solution to combat fatigue and fatigue and have more energy. Do not know how to start? Take a look at our selection of recipes.

Keep in mind that, in case you are already taking other food supplements, you should consult your doctor, nutritionist or pharmacist before making changes to your diet or taking a supplement.

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There are many causes for the feeling of tiredness. It is important to differentiate them in order to find the remedy to have more energy in an effective way.

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