SUV Palisades and Telluride is Hot

Hyundai and Kia’s interest in new SUV Palisades and Telluride is hot. Both models are large SUV models presented by Hyundai and Kia Motors. While Hyundai’s Palisades are launching domestically and internationally, Telluride was developed exclusively for North America.

What is the difference between other palaceides and Telluride? The palace is 4980 mm in length, 1975 mm in width, 1750 mm in height, and 2900 mm in height. Telluride is 5000 mm in length, 1990 mm in width, 1750 mm in height, and 2900 mm in height. Height and wheelbase are the same, but they differ in total length and width. The telluride length is longer and the width is larger than the palisade.

So what about performance? Palisade was made up of two models, the diesel 2.2 and the gasoline 3.8. The diesel 2.2 model has a maximum output of 202 horsepower, a maximum torque of 45.0㎏f · m and a combined fuel economy of 12.6 km / l. The 3.8-liter model achieved explosive performance of up to 295 hp at a maximum torque of 36.2 kgf · m and a combined fuel economy of 9.6 km /


The Telluride was powered by a gasoline 3.8 engine. The combination of the eight-speed automatic transmission Telluride 295 horsepower maximum output torque of 36.2㎏f · m maximum performance.

It is common to have advanced specifications. (FCA), rear-side and rear cross-collision prevention assistance (FCA, BCA-R, RCCA), lane keeping assistance (LKA), and rear side monitor (BVM) and safety off-road assistance (SEA).

The Hyundai Motor is equipped with advanced intelligent driving safety technology (ADAS) such as  frontal collision assistance, lane departure prevention assistance, driver warning, and high beam assistance.