Smartphone Production will be 1.14 Billion this Year

According to market researcher TrendFOS data, worldwide smartphone production will be 1.14 billion this year, 3.3% lower than last year (1.44 billion).

The company saw that the smartphone market could be reduced by up to 5% due to the US-China trade war situation. Strategy Analytics (SA), another market researcher, predicted smartphone shipments this year will be 1.432 billion, down 0.6 percent from last year.

TrendFoss expects the smartphone market share to rank at 20%, 16% and 13% for Samsung Electronics, Huawei and Apple. Shiaomi (9 percent), Oppo (8 percent) and Bibo (7 percent) are expected to receive similar results from last year.

By company, Samsung Electronics is expected to record 293 million units this year, down 8% from last year, and Apple is expected to decrease 15% to 189 million units. Apple, which is struggling in the Chinese market, is expected to lose 2% of its market share from 13% last year to 15% last year. On the other hand, Huawei is expected to increase by about 30% to 225 million units. It is predicted that the expansion will be great in emerging markets such as China and Eastern Europe and South America.

TrendForce said, “It is relatively difficult for Samsung Electronics to develop a new business field with an already completed lineup as the Chinese brand increases its market share in the low-end, middle-price, and flagship markets. We will adopt a more aggressive strategy. “