“Taipei Stock Market” Intraday Focus Stocks

The US-China trade war is suspended, the 5th line, the monthly line rises, foreign stocks bought over 719 last Friday, the stock price rose more than 4% in early trading.

Weigang (3260): Disposal of shares of Lindhe Holdings was profitable by about 12.32 million yuan, driving the stock price to rise more than 4% in early trading.

World (5347): Foreign capital and investment letters continued to buy super-excellent. The stock price rose more than 4.5% in early trading and continued to rise.

TSMC (2330): The US-China trade war was suspended, and Lyon ignored the bad news. In early trading, the stock price rushed to 232.5 yuan, an increase of about 2.9%, and the assists market broke through 10,000 points.

Qinmei (1532): Nearly 1 billion luxury homes were sold, boosting Q4 profit, and the stock price rose more than 4.5% in early trading.

Hon Hai (2317): The Sino-US trade war is expected to be solved, and many parties will be relieved. The opening will be more than 2% higher and the challenge will be 74 yuan.

Can be (2474): Next year’s four major product lines are expected to increase shipments. Foreign stocks bought more than 2,200 sheets last Friday, and rose by more than 6.5% in early trading.

Taimu (1101): The traditional season of cement + trade warfare, the attack is 2% higher.

China Rent-KY (5871): Optimistic about the performance in the mainland market, foreign capital has even bought more than 3 days, breaking through the previous high this morning, Shaoguan 100 yuan.

Yi Te (3289): The operation is now turning, with the technical line type to strengthen, early in the strong attack and stop.

Guoju (2327): Merger and acquisition of the US antenna giant Pusi Electronics has obtained the official anti-monopoly review in the mainland. Pusi will be included in the consolidated statement of Guoju in January 2019. The annual revenue of Pusi is about 15 billion yuan. Daily limit.

Huaxin Branch (2492): The group made an account for the market, raised the price of double-subjects, and the stock price went up.

Global Crystal (6488): Optimistic about the supply and demand of wafers in 2019, the price continues to be bullish. At present, the customers who have signed long-term contracts are as high as 80% to 90%. The contract price in 2019 is higher than this year, and the stock price is up 7.79%. .

Da Liguang (3008): The development trend of multi-lens for smart phones is still going on, and the future performance can still be expected. The negative sales of Apple have been reflected, and the stock price has increased by 7%.

Zhongmei Jing (5483): Benefited from the holding of Global Crystal’s equity. Recently, the wafer stocks have been in good shape, and the legal person has started to increase the price. The stock price has risen by 5.44%.

Yu Jingguang (3406): The after-tax profit in October was 108 million yuan, a 24.65% increase, but a 23% decrease. The accumulated earnings per share for the previous October was 7.55 yuan, and the stock price rose 7.32%.

Tai Yao (6274): 5G warmed up, performance increased in the long-term, the stock price hit the daily limit.

Da Yi (2478): The Sino-US trade war was suspended for 90 days, and the stock price went up.

Xinchang Electric (6173): The Sino-US trade war was suspended for 90 days. The passive component stocks rebounded retaliate and the stock price went up.

Kellett (2456): October revenue increased by more than 40%, Sino-US trade war was 90 days, passive component stocks rebounded retaliate, and the stock price went up.

Japan Electric Power (3090): Dispose of 5,426 shares of Honey Hope, with a profit of 198 million yuan and a contribution of 1.11 yuan per share. The stock price hit the daily limit.

Shang Li (3360): Huawei will pass four shots next year, and its performance is expected to dip, pushing up more than 2% in early trading.

Darong (2608): The Taoyuan Guanyin Logistics Center was opened. The legal person estimates that the performance will be high next year, and the stock price has risen by more than 3%.

Evergreen Sea (2603): The three major legal persons sold more than 11,906 copies in the past three days. After the stock price collapsed, the trade war was temporarily suspended and the buyer was raised. The morning market volume rose by more than 3%.

Huahan (6414): Amazon’s stocks are hot, Taiwan’s concept stocks benefit, and the stock price soared more than 8.5%.

Zhenhua (8114): The foreign investment ended with 12 sales, the stock price was over 5.5%, hitting 102.5 yuan, breaking through the 60-day line.

Qiang Mao (2481): The demand for diodes is hot, and it is not included in the attention stocks. The legal person bought more than 12,000 sheets in the past 3 days, and continued to nearly 6% in the morning.

Xinmeiqi (2442): The case was successfully sold to AIT and the joint construction case was successfully signed. The amount of the morning plaque continued to rise. It once touched the high price of 16.25 yuan for nearly 2 months, but the high-end selling pressure immediately came out.

Shangyin (2049) Last Friday, the three legal entities joined forces to buy more than 485 copies. In addition, the trade war was suspended for 90 days, and the volume of early trading surged more than 8.5%.
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