Taiwan Stocks Rose

The Taiwan index rose 108 points to 9968 points on Friday. In terms of spreads, the counter-price difference in the Taiwan index narrowed to -1.61 points, the electronic period turned to a positive spread of 0.59 points, and the financial period reversed price gap to -0.04 points.

In the spot part, the three legal entities bought over 19.03 billion yuan; in terms of the net position of the Taiwan referee period, the net legal order of the three major legal entities increased by 5,892 to 32,632, of which the foreign capital was more than one plus and the empty single was reduced, and the net long single increased by 9416. The mouth of the mouth to 61,112; the specific legal person among the top ten traders increased the total number of net orders in the month of the month by 7,603 to 31,410.

US stocks fell on the Dow Jones index on Thursday, but the fee index rose 5.73%, and TSMC ADR rose 3.15%. In the early part of the electronic period, the remittance fee was half-high, and the profit increased by more than 1%. The spot opened at the same time and opened higher. The intraday index approached the 10,000-point market and hit a new high this year.

The semiconductor group TSMC, UMC, the world’s advanced, MediaTek shares have turned stronger in the morning. In addition, the rebound in oil prices led to the purchase of Formosa Plastics four treasures. Although the financial stocks were relatively backward due to the impact of exchange losses, the counter-buying index was also driven by the strong growth of wafer and IC design stocks. Red and the second day of the second half of the line. In addition, the Asian stock market rebounded higher on Friday. The Korean and Hong Kong stock market leaders hit a new high since the stock market crash in October last year. The intraday trading of the US government seems to have turned around and encouraged the US stock market to expand to more than 0.5%. The international stock market is also optimistic.

This will make the Taiwan index increase by more than 100 points. The final weighted index rose 92.49 points or 0.936% to close at 9969.61 points, with a volume of 112.075 billion, an increase of 26.033 billion from the previous day. Technically, on Friday, K even two red increments and continued to hit a new high along the five-day line. The high-day KD indicator is passivated and the attack situation is clear, and the MACD indicator is still favorable for multiple rounds. Continue to provide multi-party support, but next week facing the 10,000-point checkpoint is still not recommended to chase high.

Option analysis

Select the chip side to observe, the weekly option OI maximum support pressure zone from 9600 ~ 10000 to 9900 ~ 10000 points, the lower gear support up. The open/open ratio of open positions for the whole month increased from 1.29 to 1.48. The VIX index hit a new low since October 3, 2018. Foreign investment in the option of a net buy call 42,000, net sell put 13,000, continued to exercise more options in the choice. On the whole, there are many indications of the right to choose a market that is more optimistic. (Yongfeng Futures Research)

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